Saturday, May 3, 2008

NOTE FO: Noro Cropped Sweater

I share few thoughts with you about knitting books, but this is one you simply must have if you love Noro Yarn, quick knits and both classic and current styles! Now Hear This....I Love This Noro Designer Mini Knits Book! Numerous knitting friends have purchased this same book and share my enthusiasm.

My knit choice was Design 26, a cute cropped sweater to be worn 9 months of the year! The sweater was finished and ready to wear on Tuesday of this week and I have already worn it twice and I love it. Mom and I shopped today and I was pleased with the numerous compliments!

Check it out.........................................................
I elected to use Noro - Taiyo, color 3. My objective was to have a whimsical and colorful sweater and I think that was accomplished. (Seems I have this thing about color lately)

There is an error in this pattern in the Sleeves- Raglan Shaping. Thanks to Ravelry, I was aware of this mishap and the process was not slowed down. You may find the Errata at

The buttons are such Fun! I didn't want anything too serious and thought these were fabulous for the sweater. The round blue button has a wine faceted crystal in the center that comes alive when you move...far too much fun. These buttons came from my LYS in an assortment of four.


Nähfreundin said...

Looks vey pretty.

Skeinky said...

That sweater rocks! You need to come to Purl Jam in June, you would have so much fun!

a friend to knit with said...

it looks fabulous! you look fabulous! the buttons are fabulous!
well done!

hesadevil said...

Here via Ravelry.

I've just bought the book. Thanks very much for the link to the errata. I plan to make it in Cash Iroha, colour purple.

PS Very impressed with your sweater.