Friday, January 2, 2009

under the influence....

.......... of a Chevron.
My first Chevron scarf is finished and quite intoxicating. You noticed I stated FIRST Chevron!
Already plans are set in place to start a second Chevron with this beautiful yarn.

Completion of this piece was in perfect timing to wear with my new Angel Down Lands End Vest and Tee in a "Happy Seagrass" color that arrived just after Christmas.
My Chevron Scarf is a very long 78 inches! What fun! I can wrap it and wrap it, double it, tie get the picture.


Elke said...

There are so many beautiful colors in this scarf. It's going to match your entire wardrobe! Don't you just love multi-functional items like that?

Sassy Knitter said...

This turned out SO PRETTY!!

I cant wait to see it in person!

Happy New Year!!

HUgs and Kisses!!