Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I was part of a Happy Group of Knitters from here that enjoyed a day in Maryland at the MDS&W Festival.

This was my second fiber festival and I must admit it was quite overwhelming for a new go'er such as myself. The main buildings were straightforward with fiber vendors and accessories, while the tents scattered about were loaded with many vendors you only see at festivals or perhaps on line. Never had I seen such an exhibit of beautiful hand dyed unique fibers! I was disappointed that I only had one day to enjoy at the festival, but can only imagine the possible damage done with another day to make a re-run of the tents. Perhaps things really do work out for the best.

I wandered around in a content and happy fog much of the time and sure I missed many tents and many of the Barns filled with Sheep, Alpacas, Ilamas, Rabbits and Sheep Dogs. Ahhhhh....the animals, such cuteness!! Hopefully, I won't be so overexcited and will take in more of the sights, people and things around me at the next festival.
I came home with some sweet stash additions, blown glass stitch markers, fun jewelry, MDS&W goodies and TONS of good time memories with a group of lovely knitters.
How cute is this Sheep Necklace??
MDS&W Tote Bag & Green Tee SocksThat Rock Fiber for my Ishbel Shawl I love these fun stone and sterling silver earrings! Brooks Farm Solo Silk in shades of black & gray!
Brooks Farm Primero (100% Kid Mohair)**Yummy**
For my crochet hooks
Three skeins of Malabrigo Silk at such a price I just couldn't turn it down. I love the muted greens.

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