Saturday, July 18, 2009

sugar cane has never been so yummy

Have you ever knit with Sugar Cane? Well, I have and I adore it! What's your opinion of the finished Sugar Cane Project?
This stole is a ILGA/LEJA handknit design, pattern Tidal Streams.
This lovely sugar cane yarn is Araucania Ruca Multi. I used 2.5 skeins of color #9, a beautiful mix of blue and green that flows beautifully thru out the project! I think this soft yarn is stunning when married with the ILGA LEJA design. My Tidal Streams was started on June 29th and finished on July 14.......seems I just couldn't put the knit down once started. I love the softness and sheen of the yarn and everything about the pattern.
Sugar Cane has never been is soooooooooo Yummy!

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Renee said...

It's beautiful! Love the colour.