Sunday, March 20, 2011

Guernsey is not just another wrap

This simple rectangle knit and purl wrap is a most versatile one and one that I cannot say enough wonderful things about it. The Guernsey Wrap was an easy flowing knit and would be just perfect for many beginning knitters.

I used the Sewn Bind Off method that was recommended and love the result. My bind offs can be a tad tight (even when going up a couple of needle sizes) and I found this new method to have that easy elastic result I always have desired! Going forward, this will be my bind off of choice.

Blocking wires were used to allow for extreme stretching of the knit and to maintain a crisp, straight edge on all sides. I purchased a set of blocking wires especially for this piece (I have already used them twice :)) and thrilled with the results. My finished Guernsey has fabulous dimensions and drape as the result of a good 20 minute soak and blocking.

Now let's talk about the new Brooklyn Tweed "Shelter" fiber. Trust me, there will be more Shelter delivered to my house. The fiber is 100% US Targhee-Columbia wool and was so pleasing to knit. Look here to see the full process taking place right here in the United States in Harrisville,'s a place I would love to visit some day.

The Skinny:
Pattern: Guernsey Wrap
(Jared Flood)
Fiber: Shelter - Brooklyn Tweed
Content: 100% American Wool
Yards: 140 yds/50 g
Amount: 5 Skeins
Needles: US #7
Tools: Blunt Tapestry Needle
Blocking Wires & T-Pins

This is not just another wrap, but a real work horse of a wrap full of fisherman inspired texture that I will love and enjoy for years!


Chris said...

Hi! How have you been? Love the wrap and your beautiful necklace. Were you in Renolda Village by any chance?

Chris said...
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Knitting Diva said...

Hi Chris, I have been doing swell these days and happy to report hubby has had his second knee replacement and is back out playing in his yard.

Yes we were at Reynolda Village today and loving every minute of it. Before moving to our present house, we lived just across the street from that lovely garden.

Chris said...

Aha! I thought so! I will never forget when my daughter's bank statement came after she had just started at Wake.I said to myself, "What in the name of heaven is Monkees?"!!! She has her mother's taste!

avance said...

I'm just starting this project so am excited to see how it's worked out for others--yours is beautiful! Love your blog too. :)