Friday, December 28, 2007

Fess-Up Fiber Friday #1

Fess-Up Fiber Friday posts will allow me to record information on various yarns in my stash.

Each Friday I will select a particular yarn from my stash and take a quick pic of the fiber (and perhaps the pattern), make notation of the future project for the yarn and comment on such topics as quality of the fiber, place and date of purchase, etc. (I think you get the picture).

My first Fess-Up Fiber Friday is Boku from Plymouth Yarn.

Yarn Details
Brand: Plymouth Yarn
Yarn Name: BOKU
Color: #4
Content: 95% Wool/5% Silk
Skein Weight: 50g = 99 yds

Project Plans: Triangle Shawl #1110

Comments: I saw a sample of this shawl while visitng a yarn shop in Virginia(with Jeannie and Laurie) and actually tried the sample on and found the shawl to be ever so comfortable and attractive. How could I resist the Boku when a LYS put the yarn on sale at 50% off!

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