Saturday, December 1, 2007

Getting my Groove Back

After what I thought to be a slow start, I really seem to be Getting my (Silver Belle) Groove Back. I have finished the Peplum, but left it on the needles as I may still add another additional inch (a couple of inches have already been added). The right sleeve and yoke are complete and ready for the neck shaping. I decided to start the left sleeve and yoke and do the neck shaping on the right and left yoke in sequence....sounds like I may have an assembly line of sorts!

This project should be off the needles by New Years...'cause it may take me a while just to put the sweater together once the knitting is complete. You see I am a knitting "Newbie" and much of my time is spent studing the pattern/instructions.

Even with this crappy nasty cold this week, I have pushed myself to rise and shine everyday to:
1. be at my desk by 8:00 am
2. keep my knitting Groove by starting the left sleeve Thursday evening
See my left sleeve progress...........

I love cables, but this is my second large cable project and I think my cable needle may be put to rest when Silver Belle is least for a while. See my cn below (I tried 3 different cable needles before selecting this one as my favorite) and wouldn't you agree she looks overworked??


Gena said...

That is a serious lot of cables! I'd need a break too, after tackling that one! It's looks great, though, and I can't wait to see it finished.

Gina said...

Can't wait to see the finish product!