Friday, January 18, 2008

Fess-Up Fiber Friday #4

This yarn was purchased at the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair (SAFF) in October, 2006. A group of Knit Picky knitters band together for a couple of days of yarn drooling, knitting classes, wine sipping, and tons of laughter and fellowship! The fiber animals at this show were amazing, all knitters adore Angora Rabbits, Angora Goats, Llamas and Alpacas.

Actually I have a rather funny SAFF animal story to share you. so here goes! Most anxious to see the Llamas and Alpacas, several of us were eagerly marching up a small incline to see and touch these fabulous fiber animals when someone (like me) stepped in a sweet pile of Llama Do Do!!!! Never let it be said that I would do anything half way....I even wore the perfect shoes for such an with LOTS OF CUT OUTS in the sole ( you know a gal wouldn't want to slip or slide)! Well, my mishap turned from embarrassment to hilarious as this group of knitters were all trying to find sticks, long grass and any source of water to clean up a stinking situation. We had every one's attention with our laughter and joking around!

Yarn Details
Yarn Name: ??
Brand: Plain & Fancy Sheep & Wool Company
Color: Scarlet
Content: 100% Wool
Skein Weight: 400 yards

Project Plans: Two Old Bags Shawl

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