Friday, June 19, 2009

Knitting Diva and UFO's

My exhaustion is the result of my many UFO's. For lack of a better excuse, I'll place all the blame on Ravelry. Would you have ever believed the impact this wife and husband's ingenious idea would have in the knitting arena? I have been inspired, educated, befriended, and to some degree...addicted to the Ravelry environment. This site is checked a minimum of twice a day at my house not to mention hits I make from my favorite gadget. I never fail to find some gratifying knitting related Tid-Bit, so is it any wonder why knitters are so intrigued?

Are you bored to tears with this post yet????....then let me try harder!

I have many UFO's so close to completion, I really need to get the rear in gear. 1. Hey, Teach! is ready to sew together (a summer sweater that I could be wearing right what am I thinking??) 2. Sabine - only one sleeve and this sweater is finished (yes, another summer sweater I could be wearing right what am I thinking AGAIN??) 3. Susie's Reading Mitts and I only need to knit the palm and picot edging (finishing is a must on these by fall) 4. Super Easy Leg Warmers, one leg waits patiently for leg #2 (these will be fabulous this coming winter - surely that is achievable).

Sheez, now I feel like making a UFO connection tonight---I'm thinking about that Sabine sleeve.

Cheers and have a Fabulous week-end!

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GoldenTracks said...

I can totally relate. I love Ravelry but it is SUCH a time sink. . . . .and yes, Ravelry is bookmarked on my BB Bold.
..and as if Ravelry isn't enough of a time sink; have you joined Twitter yet????