Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer Knitting

Summer Flowers in my front yard!

Of all my knitting... I have only a couple of Spring/Summer scarves to show for my efforts. Well, it's June and I'm off to the races and knitting summer sweater after summer sweater. The first piece is Hey, Teach! What a quick fun knit. This free Knitty pattern would be an excellent first time lace garment piece for any knitter. This is the back of Hey, Teach!

I chose to knit this sweater using another stash yarn, Brown Sheep, Cotton Fleece. The Cotton Fleece is a nice fiber selection for this project and I'm most pleased with the combination.

Okay, I only have pics of the back of my HT, but all pieces are complete and I'm ready to sew the shoulder seams, knit the neckline and front ribbing and sew the garment together!!
This surprise shot is one of many Fabulous flower beds belonging to DH!

Now Back to Hey Teach........yesterday I was out searching for buttons and found these colored metal buttons that are perfect. I knew I didn't want anything pearl-like but desired something in the same color as the knit. I think these are great.
My second Summer Knit is Sabine from Coco Knits. I love the simplicity of Coco Knits! This will be a most versatile garment and is knit using Knit One Crochet Too, Babyboo in the color #719, Lilac. The color is wonderful and actually looks very very neutral..I love it!

Sabine is knit from the top down with eyelet detailing on the flared sleeves and hourglass shaped back. I plan to wear this sweater loose and think it will be a fabulous sweater to grab and run this season.

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Virtuous said...

Great summer projects and I just LUV CocoKnits!!

Your flower beds are just beautiful!!

Summer knitting for me is socks and lace!! Now to just get that lace going on the needles! ;op

Glad all is well with you!