Saturday, December 20, 2008

my favorite thing

Of all the knits I have completed in my 2 years/10 months, this is my Favorite Thing!
Undertow is most capable of arousing interest from both men and women. I wore it Christmas shopping today and stopped counting the compliments I received and the numerous questions asked about my cape. What a conversation piece! I had questions like, may I feel of your cape (ahh..ahh..ahh!!)? did your Mom knit? how long did that take you? where did you get that wrap or is it a cape?
If I breathe life into another one (and I am thinking about knitting one in shades of grey) I would not change one thing or modify it in anyway and it would without question be knit with Blue Sky again. What a sweet-sweet yarn, the more I wear it, the softer it gets. No peeling with this yarn, it just gets a delightful bit fuzzy with know kind of like a pleasant glow that cast itself over the piece. I am intimately in love with Undertow and Blue Sky!


Virtuous said...

And it is AWESOME!!!! I see what it gets all the attention it deserves!!

Great Ode to your most favorite knit garment! ;o)

Elke said...

Oh, it's absolutely beautiful Miss D!

Stop tempting me with gorgeous knits! My queue is already overfull!