Sunday, December 7, 2008

what's up?

Undertow is finished, fabulous and I can't wait to wear it! Thank you again Stitch Poet for such a lovely design.
Next up is just an example of my persistence. I Never and I mean Never give up!

I adore the two colorways Yarn Hogs used in her chevron scarf, but found it impossible to locate the deep, rich brown Koigu that coordinates so beautifully with the Ruby Redman. I checked numerous yarn shops and surfed the web only to find the Koigu had been discontinued. Horrors!
Then one evening while working the Ebay scene, it hit me, "I had not checked Ebay"! How could I have overlooked Ebay?? Well, guess what? I found just the perfect deep, rich brown Koigu needed and this project will be started in the very near future.
Oh yeah, check out my new Star Buck's Cable Coffee Cup! On yet another note, my Domino scarf was completed a couple of weeks ago and as pleased as I was with the end result, the piece just didn't seem finished. It had been blocked and I was extremely pleased with the stitch work, but there was just something ......... it needed an edging! I had read several articles on Domino work and was convinced such knits always benefit from some sort of edging. So it happened last evening at midnight, I single crochet a two row edging and what a difference!

This is now truly a beautiful cashmere scarf that I am proud of.


Elke said...

oo, I can't wait to see how Undertow fits! It's beautifully done.

Yarnhog said...

Nice going! I am equally single-minded when it comes to locating the perfect yarn. Of course, once I have it, it may sit in the stash for years before I actually get to it!