Monday, September 8, 2008

Smoking Hot

describes the designer, Champagne Maker! Her designs are creative and uniquely her own. A couple of years ago, Jeannie and I first saw a couple of her patterns and completed knits while on a day trip to visit several LYS in Charlotte, NC. We both purchased her chip bag pattern and experienced the making of our first cable knit and Champagne Maker piece.

I adore all of her designs and knew I had to knit one of her latest ones, Undertow, ASAP! I loved the designer's fiber selection of Blue Sky in a beautiful and intense solid color selection of Petal Pink (516) and Copper (502). So the story goes, I ordered my Blue Sky, 100% baby alpaca, sport weight from here!

If there is one thing better than a hand full of Blue Sky, it must be an arm full! It is truly beautiful! Now for a look at my next project.........better known as Undertow!!

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Elke said...

Oh wow! Undertow really is gorgeous! I love that CM combines the picot edge around the neck with a nice ruffle at the bottom. Very nice!

It's been ages since I've visited, but I just wanted to say I adore your new banner! It's really cute and clever!

*goes to catch up on old posts*