Monday, September 29, 2008

My New Love - Sasha

The last stitch was cast off tonight, Sasha was thrown into the washer and dryer and was 100%
ready for her debut!

She fits perfectly and hopefully, DH will appease me this week end and take some modeled shots.

More details to come....................

Sad Fingerless Glove

From time to time, I look and admire some of my finished knits. It was during one of those times I saw my Noro Fingerless Gloves and just for fun I pulled them out of the plastic container to try on (you know it's fall and winter is just around the corner)...What the Hell...Horrors! There was a Huge Hole right at the wrist band!! Last time I played with them, they were fine. I loved those gloves! ....I'm still puzzled....

  1. Maybe a rodent chewed thru the plastic container....Not.
  2. Maybe it was a bit of voodoo....Not.
  3. Maybe Dusty thought it was a chew toy.....Not.
  4. Maybe I dropped one (or more) stitches....Probably!
I'm debating, perhaps I should knit another soul mate for the healthy glove or should I mend it (is that even possible)???
Sad Glove! Sad Me!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Las Vegas - The Vacation

This year my vacation spot was Las Vegas!

Tootie got a real kick looking at the clouds while on the flight (you should know me well enough by now to realize I would never leave Tootie at home)!

We stayed at The Paris, this is a shot of the base of The Eiffel Tower and the beautiful fountain at the front entrance of The Paris.

The Paris is breath taking in the evening!

On our first evening in Vegas, we took in Cirque Du Soleil at the elegant Bellagio O Theatre. This show allows you to plunge into the abyss of your own mind, float in the calm of peaceful dreams, sail the turbulent waters of discontentment and journey across oceans of time. I actually felt I was center stage! Unforgettable!

Here we are after a fabulous dinner at The Wynn. Our table was located at the foot of a 140 foot mountain covered with trees and waterfalls with various lighting effects...Awesome! Every 30 minutes during dinner there was a music and cartoon show with the most darling characters imaginable. The Wynn is a newer hotel in Vegas that is very chic and a pleasant change for the Vegas strip. We all found ourselves totally blown away by the beauty of this hotel. (My twin-Donald, Pat, Jo, Bobby, Me and Mom)

I was not about to leave the strip without seeing Vegas from the top of The Paris Eiffel Tower. The view was nothing less than spectacular with the mountain views, the fountain show at the Bellagio and all the elaborate Hotels!

Later this week I will post more vacation pictures. Bet you are thinking, Enough Vacation Information!!! But, I can't leave out details of our stop at the 726' high Hoover Dam and The Grand Canyon.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Great American Afghan Journey

I am proud to share with you four completed squares for my Great American Afghan! As planned, I knit up a square when I need a break from a large project or just feel the need for some instant gratification.... and it certainly provides plenty of that!

My afghan will consist of chosen squares from The Great American Afghan, The Great American Aran Afghan and The Great North American Afghan. You will find details of the squares in Ravelry (KnittingDivaGirl).

View of a Shadow Knit Scarf

Shadow knitting is an uncomplicated delightful process and I found the color and design change most intriguing. Last Saturday I took a class on Shadow knitting...plain and simply put...Just Fun!

This scarf is knit in two identical halves and knit together at the back using the kitchener stitch. I absolutely could not put this project down and finished this first half in two days. My piece will only be knit to 50 inches...I mean who wants a purple heart hanging at hip and butt area???
At this point, I have my eye on a scarf and tam set from Vivian Hoxbro's book, Shadow Knitting. The set is knit with a dark solid color and Noro!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Vacation Diva

Saturday I'm off to a place and word is.....what happens there will stay there! My intuition tells me there will be no "Extreme Knitting" on this vacation. Ahhhh, finally a change of scenery and some relaxation!

Tootie eagerly waiting. CHECK.

Clothes ready for packing. CHECK.

Necessary munchies. CHECK

Knitting (plane entertainment). CHECK.

Camera for those candid shots. CHECK.

AND One Smiling Vacation Diva.........Check.

See you in this space next week. Cheers!

Fess Up Fiber Friday #34

Yarn Details
Brand: Sublime
Yarn Name: Extra Fine Merino Wool DK
Color: Black 013
Green 0019
Purple 0065
Content: 100% Extra Fine Merino
Skein Weight: 50g = 127 yds

Project Plans: Shadow Knitted Scarf

Shadow Knitting is a wonderful new technique that I will learn this month in a class taught at a LYS.

This form of knitting uses a simple technique of alternating rows of dark and light yarn to produce a subtle patterning that disappears depending on the angle from which it's viewed. Kind of like Magic!! My scarf will have alternating rows of black and green with a heart at each end alternating in purple and black.

If you are interested, Vivian Hoxbro has a lovely book on Shadow Knitting (you can find it on Amazon).

Check out my new Lantern Moon needles. I'm major hooked on LM needles and need little excuse to purchase a new set.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Smoking Hot

describes the designer, Champagne Maker! Her designs are creative and uniquely her own. A couple of years ago, Jeannie and I first saw a couple of her patterns and completed knits while on a day trip to visit several LYS in Charlotte, NC. We both purchased her chip bag pattern and experienced the making of our first cable knit and Champagne Maker piece.

I adore all of her designs and knew I had to knit one of her latest ones, Undertow, ASAP! I loved the designer's fiber selection of Blue Sky in a beautiful and intense solid color selection of Petal Pink (516) and Copper (502). So the story goes, I ordered my Blue Sky, 100% baby alpaca, sport weight from here!

If there is one thing better than a hand full of Blue Sky, it must be an arm full! It is truly beautiful! Now for a look at my next project.........better known as Undertow!!