Sunday, October 7, 2012

first prize

My Garden Party
by designers:  Two Old Bags
Pattern  purchased at SAFF in 2008!

This pattern was in a protective sleeve and placed in my shawl notebook along with my very long list of "to be knitted someday".  It was when I saw a co-knitters's (Patrice) version of this design that it caught my attention again! Patrice's gift of color is fabulous and all you Rav knitters out there should check her out...what a treat!

 It  was much to my surprise when I reviewed the start and finish date of this project and realized it was knit in 10 days!  That was pretty fast for such a slow knitter as myself. Perhaps it was all the color change and simplicity of the pattern that kept it speeding along.  In any case, I ADORE IT and I LOVE IT!
 The piece was knit using all Koigu KPPPM on #6 needles. Here are the main colors used: P6l6, P854, P511,P848 and P3275.  I added occasional rows of stash Koigu here and there just for fun and a little punch.

I did follow a couple of my own rules: 1). I knit the eyelet row, the row before and after the eyelet row in yellow  and 2). whatever colorway used Before starting the eyelet setup row was picked up again at the end of the eyelet rows.  I think these steps allowed a little formality in the piece and eliminated the possibility of a hodge-podge result.   
At times I find myself feeling a bit guilty when I look at all those patterns and books (and let's not even think about the stash fiber), but, Ohhhh The Satisfaction when that pattern that had been forgotten or overlooked for so long is once again renewed and exciting!   It's like winning First Prize or something and in this case my First Prize was Garden Party.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

going to the dogs

The Gardener with our Italian Greyhounds!
053 by KnittingDiva!
It's hard to believe our IGs are 12 and 11 years old. 
They may be looking older, but still jump, run like a Standard Greyhound at a race track in West Virginia and pranch around the house in great  pony fashion.