Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wonderful One

I haven't been knitting that long (like 4 1/2 years), but I have knit 92 projects, with 17 of those consisting of lace projects, so that should afford me the knowledge to know there is something special, something satisfying about every lace piece. Now, with that said, let me share my latest lace knit...The Lace Capelet from the 2010 Summer issue of Vogue. This capelet is a gorgeous thing and I love it in unbelievable ways. It is a simple lace pattern that is easily memorized and should not intimidate a beginner lace knitter. I opted to use the printed instructions instead of the chart and found the pattern to be clear and preside. The lace body moved along at a quick pace while the border was very very easy, but went on and on!

Once the knitting was complete it was time to begin the finishing process. The pattern called for a three needle bind off to attach the border to the body, but I opted for the mattress stitch and was very pleased with the results.
For me, the key to a successful verizon of this capelet is a yarn with spectacular drape. I used 9 skeins of Sirdar-Flirt in a grey colorway and delighted with my choice.
This is a Wonderful One!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Noro and Citron Combo

Noro is the best; every project holds a design surprise with each beautiful color change. I have knit many pieces since my last Noro project and I'm still amazed just how much I've missed the lovely Noro (any Noro) fiber. Simply put...Noro doesn't let one down, even with the straw bits, the occasional thorn and even a weed here and there.
This sock yarn tends to be on the scratchy side, but the good bath softened it to anyone's delight!Citron is beautiful knit in the Kureyon Sock yarn and is a fabulous pattern that covers the fiber spectrum! There are no bounds with this free Knitty design; it's an easy and very mobile knit, just stuff the project in your purse and Go! Citron journeyed with me thru Dancing with the Stars and American Idol finales, North Carolina Beach travels and two River outings!
This truly is a one skein wonder when knit with Noro Kureyon Sock yarn.
Knit one - bet you'll love it too!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Summer Wrap

Have I told you about my latest knit??? I don't think so. Now how in the world did I overlook sharing such a delicious process with you!! is the wrap, all finished, all yellow and all loved.
Yum. Yum! Such a wonderful shaw when knit in 100% cotton and it even gets better when knit with Blue Sky just doesn't get any sweeter. All six skeins of this fiber were purchased about 2 years ago on a visit to Yarn Paradise in Ashesville, NC. And this story gets even better when I tell you the purchase was made at 30% or 40% off the orginial price. I mean, how could I possibly turn the cheek on such a deal.

At the time of purchase I thought it would be a wonderful yarn for a baby blanket, but look what happened..............a wrap for me that is softer than any bathrobe and much more attractive! This simple project is the #074 Summer Wrap by Leslie Scanlon from Mac & Me. If you are familiar with Mac & Me, you know what fabulous designs they share with us. I have a baby blanket and ruffled scarf pattern by Mac & Me that I also look forward to knitting. I adore everything about this wrap. No disappointments to share with you on this one!