Sunday, February 26, 2012

fresh off the needles is Color Affection

This Veera Valimaki design is a very cool, geometric pattern with unlimited color combinations!
Seemed like I raced thru this one and found it hard to believe how quickly this knit up even with the 400 plus stitch rows toward the end.  Maybe it was all that soothing and relaxing Garter stitch. I just wanted to keep knitting and knitting even while reading on my Nook Color! 
 Once blocked this is a long crescent shape shawl that will be worn not only as a shawl but as a scarf or kerchief....that's just how light and airy this piece is knit with Malabrigo. 

 I was nervous about my color choice during the process but now that its finished and blocked I find it to be nice mated with a gray or white sweater.
 With all these positives you know I will be casting on for my second Color Affection....(guess you could see that one coming) AND here is my MadelinetoshTosh Merino Light for #2!!!
I have only one sleeve to knit on this sweater and the Cast On Will Begin on my Pink Affection!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

third and fourth

Do you remember I said a Linen Stitch Scarf would be in the making for The Twin, well here is a  sneak  peek...........
 Of course nothing would do for him but Koigu - KPPPM and Claudia Hand Painted !  This should knit into a very handsome piece!

The grey/brown taupe is Koigu - #P307
The blue is Koigu - #2171
The multi pastel is Claudia Hand Painted - Rock Creek

 And already on the needles is a Spring Linen Stitch scarf just for me!  LUVING it!

These scarves are seriously addictive.  Don't you think a pattern knit 4 times by a knitter would qualify for that status?

Friday, February 10, 2012

plan = color affection

Pumped is what I am these days!  And it's all Malabrigo's fault! Can't you just visualize these little pretties knit up in lots of garter stitches and colorful stripes.
Just for the record, three skeins of Malabrigo Sock/Fingering weight.
Colors:  37 - Lettuce
859 - Primavera (multicolor)
800 - Tiziano Red
x-o-x-o-x-o is what they will become....another lovely Veera Valimaki pattern, Color Affection!
It's taking all my will power not to cast on for this lovely this week-end! But it will simply be admired till my Water's Edge is finished this week.