Friday, March 28, 2008

Fess Up Fiber Friday #14

This Friday's Fess Up Fiber Friday is delivered to you by my new knitted friend, Sidney! Have you ever seen such huge feet? They look like they belong on a duck...such cuteness! Now on to Fiber Friday information...........

Yarn Details
Brand: NORO
Yarn Name: Kureyon Sock Yarn
Color(s): S102 (pink/purple/gold)
S188 (wine/black/gray)
Content: 70% wool/30% nylon
Skein Weight 100g

Project Plans: Of course Socks

Comments: This yarn is certainly not as soft as some yarn but everyone says it softens up as you use it. My plans are to knit this toe up sock with the S102 color (my first attempt at a toe up sock), I have actually seen this pattern knit using the Noro Sock yarn in this very color and it was beautiful!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dusty Cameo

There are many things I love about my Papillon, Dusty!

His paws are stubby .... kind of cat like!He knows I adore his Huge Butterfly ears and his thick long long silky hair.
He knows I could just eat those precious paws!
The End!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bunny Wraps!

I will share Easter with my family in Virginia and of course we will have our traditional Easter meal with ham, many many side dishes and Mom's famous Chocolate pie and Coconut pie. She is always asked to bring these pies at all family, church and community gatherings! Rest assure I will have a piece of each.

This year I made "Bunny Wraps" for my female relatives. I simply knit wash cloths and cuddled chocolate rabbits in them. I think they turned out rather cute!

Look closely and you may see the Bunny!-------------

This is a Spring Flower Garden-----

Friday, March 21, 2008

OH GOSH..............

......another scarf!

The Chevron Scarf has been high in my queue for a year. The yarn and color selection is the most difficult task of the project!! So far, I'm very happy with my color combination and liking the blending of the two colorways.

I purchased 2 hanks each of Koigu KPPPM # P100 & P201 and will use all four hanks as I want this to be the full 77" to 78" (nice and long for wrapping numerous times around the neck)!

And here is the first 7 inches!!!

I ""Heart"" the Plum/Turquoise combination!

Fess Up Fiber Friday #13

Yarn Details
Brand: Cascade Yarns
Yarn Name: Baby Alpaca Chunky
Color: Red #572
Content: 100% Baby Alpaca
Skein Weight: 100g = 108 yards

Comments: This is the richest red you will ever much depth! With 12 hanks this will be a warm and fabulous sweater.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Carpet Bag Show and Tell

Have a look at my Counterpane Carpet Bag. There are many things I love about this bag, would you be bored to tears if I shared just a few of them??? Hold on, here we go.......

The Noro Silk Garden yarn...Fabulous
Silk Garden Color #251.......Soft, muted, just what I wanted
My size selection of five scallop rows.....Perfect
Lace Pattern........ love the way the doubled lining peeps thru the open lace work
The Cherry Handles......Beautiful & Usable (handles purchased a year ago on sale for $6.00!!!)
The oriental print lining.....Gorgeous
The Steam 2 Seam batting.....Perfect for Structure and Shaping
Counterpane Pattern.....Especially Fun

Check out my lining, there is even a cell phone pocket!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Fess Up Fiber Friday #12

T G I F !

Yarn Details
Brand: Cherry Tree Hill
Yarn Name: Cascade Lace
Color: Serengeti
Content: 100% Silk
Skein Weight: 150 gr = 1000 yds

Project Plans: Cascade Capelet by Kristin Omdahl

Comments: This 1,000 yards of silk is lustrous, the sheen is Fabulous and the earth toned colorway is Yummy ! The pattern can be found in the Special Little Knits from Just One Skein book. If you love Cherry Tree yarns you will love this book (I am seriously considering another project from SLK, the Glitter Knitter's Bag.... a super-duper small knitting bag and you all know how I LOVE knitting bags).

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Scallop Quick Knit and Cable Slow Go

I have two projects on sticks and finding it such fun to flip flop between the two totally different knits. Carrie Brenner adapted a counterpane pattern into an updated "Granny" bag. As I viewed the carpet bag in the handknit Holidays book with the feminine scallops, it attacked my interest immediately! I certainly didn't see a "Granny" bag (I'm so not into that Annie Hall look), all I could vision was a smaller, feminine bag in softer, muted colors to match those delicate beautiful scallops!

Within a couple of hours that Saturday, I was at a LYS making a Noro purchase of Silk Garden (#251) and within another hour the project was on the needles....check my progress at Ravelry, KnittingDivaGirl!
Yesterday the search was on for lining for my Carpet Bag. More often than not, this is the most difficult part of the project and close to impossible to find Just What You Want. That wasn't the case this time! We have a LYS that also carries a gorgeous selection of fabrics and they had this beautiful oriental polished cotton print that was made for my Carpet Bag! I already had handles on hand and they blended perfectly with the cotton print and bag. Note, the Silk Garden is actually not as purple as this pic.

My second knit is the Forbes Forest scarf from ScarfStyle. This book has so many beautiful scarves and a real deal for us scarf lovers! Forbes Forest is my first project for DH and will be another Just Because gift!
Love, Love, Love the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino (color #340009) used in the project. The softness of the yarn is heavenly and allows the stitch detail to shine.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Fess Up Fiber Friday #11

Yarn Details

Brand: Cascade

Yarn Name: Cascade 220

Color: #9467 (Green) & 8686 (Brown)

Content: 100% Wool

Skein Weight: 100g = 220 yds

Project Plans: You guessed it! Bird In Hand.

Comments: I first saw this Kate Gilbert mitten design at Claudia's Blog and fell hard for Kate's design and Claudia's color selection (so much so I had to copy Claudia's colorway). You simply must check out Claudia's blog and note the Bird at the tip of the thumb! For sure these will be extremely warm.... just hope I get to enjoy them a couple of times each winter.

This pic was taken at the suggestion of my DH! He collects Frogs and thought it would be good for a laugh. I don't know about the laugh....but for sure it's pretty goofy!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

These are all mine!

These Evangeline Fingerless Gloves....I love! They may be my first gloves but certainly not my last. Gratification was quick with these as a glove takes only a few hours.
The cable stitch detail was most difficult to shoot, but I think you can see the cozy effect of these gloves when knit in Noro-Kureyon. Without a doubt a couple pair of Evangeline gloves will be gifted this year...but these are all mine.