Sunday, June 26, 2011


This is my second project using Socks that Rock and I have found it to be a seriously delightful fiber. I must admit I hate not having more of this in my stash...maybe I should be checking out some of their other colorways and weights!!
Ulmus was a quick and enjoyable knit that I would consider knitting again perhaps in a soft blue and white colorway. For some reason The Gardener and I found the true purple and lime green colorways to be hard to capture. The colors are so much more vivid than shown in this post.
Speaking of The Gardener, look at his little Daisy garden this year. They are so sweet and rich this year. I simply must cut a bunch for kitchen table.
Temperatures have been in the upper 90's here for a couple of weeks. We aren't accustom to such highs during Spring and early Summer and are all wondering what the months of July and August holds for this area. It could mean a lot of relaxing in around water!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

little bits of life through my lens

Us with our oldest IG, Jazz (better know as "The Pearl Girl")! She is the sweetest thing walking on four legs. I have been nurturing Ulmus and watching it grow. Looks like this project will not be joining my prior frogging party. Yes sir-re, cruised to the end of the slip stitched portion/body of this large sized shawl and I must add, watching the alternating variegated colors of the two different fingering weights of Sock That Rock was pure enjoyment. The pattern is not to complicated but provides enough interest to eliminate even a second of boredom.

As you can see, I'm well into the lace border of this knit. A prayer was answered as I have seen no knitting backwards on Ulmus(seems I have become quite the expert on knitting backwards lately). Here is a list I compiled to ensure successful completion of Ulmus: 1) Lifeline used at beginning of lace, 2) no wine when needles are in hand, 3) no friendly phone conversations while knitting, 4) no knitting on this one at knit night. Only me,, my knit picks chart keeper, excel row count sheet, markers and crochet hook. Total pattern/knitting focus should result in one Rocking Ulmus and one smiley faced knitter (that would be me)!

There is a push to get Ullmus off the needles so I can start these (The Christmas Tree and Salzburg Santa). They have been on my "want to knit" list for a couple of years and will be knit for The Gardener and myself.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

goodbye May...hello June

May was planned to be a productive month of knitting and truly there was quite a bit...or I should say A LOT of knitting going on, but I have nothing to show for it! Nothing at all! Just ask my friends, they have listened to me whine off and on all month...Thanks Girlies! Now you may be asking, why? Why did I frog every single blame stitch knitted? Without going into a deep dive of information, I'll just say after many hours of knitting time I found May project #1 simply not an enjoyable knit. No one's fault, just not fun for me. So after 2 weeks of stitches I tearfully Ripped every stitch and stashed the lace yarn for another venture at another time.

After I gathered my wits and dealt with my disappointment, I cast on for this using some beautiful stashed 100% linen-Louet, Euroflax. It was clear from the beginning; this project was "the fun stuff"...when at 10" of loooong rows, I realized tunics won't fit when the garment is twisted while knitting in the round. What demise!! No way out of that screw up (*whimper whimper*)...anyhow, that called for another tearful ripping and whining session with friends (sorry again). I like Liesl so much I will knit it...just at a later time.

Knitting is in my blood and I simply won't be out done!

With those bad memories behind me, I'm delirious with excitement as I start my Ulmus! The fiber was purchased for this shawl 2 years ago and I'm very very sure this is the project that will get my groove going again. So far so good.
See........ Ulmus is a design by Kirsten Kapur for Through the Loops. I chose Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock in the colorways, Walking on the Wild tide (2 skeins) and Tanzanite (1 skein). I am delighted with these combinations and think the multi color runs are a perfect selection. As you see, I'm early into this project, but have a feeling this process will be enjoyed and successfully completed.