Saturday, January 31, 2009

Petra in ten....

........(enjoyable) days! That's the number of days I knit on this project. Now I'm not a fast I think that's pretty impressive for me; but, I must give credit to the #10 needles and the use of a bulky yarn like Noro Transitions.
Pattern: Petra by Julie Weisenberger of Cocoknits.
Yarn: Noro Transitions I love this pattern worked in Noro. The pattern is slimming with angled stripes reaching points in the front. This is accomplished by casting on stitches for the back, then increase every other row to add stitches for the front. Of course, the Noro self striping yarn enhances those angles to the front. How interesting! I adore the silhouette of this piece.
The sleeves were cast on using a provisional cast on and knit in the round. What a fabulous idea. You can feel pretty confident you will get the desired sleeve length when picking up stitches from the cast on and knitting down. I just may be using this method on other sleeves when possible. I love the sleeve length and there was no guess work involved.
The Cocoknits pattern and Noro Transitions are certainly winners in my book! I love it!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Petra....another stash burner

Petra is a pattern from Cocoknits. My Petra is a stash burner knit using Noro Transition. The year 2009 will be a year of Stash Burning; or at least a year to absorb 4 or 5 different lots from my stash! Clapotis was my first burner and Petra is now my second.
Petra was started a week ago and is about 80% finished! That's pretty dog-on fast and I haven't pulled any all nighters either, but using #10 needles and a bulky yarn like Noro Transition would speed any project up. I had 9 skeins of the Noro in my lot, so there will be plenty left and I think I will knit up a Moebius Neck Warmer with the balance.

There are many facets of Petra that make this such an enjoyable knit, but I think I will share those details with you upon completion.

Anyway, here is a sneak peek thus far..............
Now with all this stash burning talk being said, I must admit to you that yarn is on order at this very moment from here for my next project. I haven't felt this level of excitement in quite awhile and think this is one of the most magnificent designs. The pattern is from the new Interweave book, French Girl Knits. This book has many beautiful feminine designs and is a must to finger through the eye candy, even if you don't make the purchase. My selection from French Girl Knits is Stella. Stella will be started the day I receive my Cream-RYC Cashsoft Aran (all 14 balls)!

I'm sure I have the patience for such a project as Stella and only hope my level of experience will be enough to get through such a knit. Just look at the back of this jacket.............................................................

Now check out the front......................................................................

Aren't the details dreamy???

Wish me Luck!!

the cowgirl type

Soon as I saw these at Cold Water Creek, I knew I desperately had to possess them. Seems most folks don't think of me as a cowgirl type, but these boots are far too much fun and I think pretty darn chic.
As the story goes, I was back at CWC to check out the sales rack (I also had a 40% off coupon) and the same boot in Black & Brown had been reduced and I could still use my coupon...needless to say, I left with yet another pair of boots. Just imagine this cowboy attire with skirts, jeans and yes, even with dress pants...'cause that's me!

I have half finished a pair of leg warmers from Last Minute Knitted Gifts and don't you think I won't be wearing the leg warmers with my boots ..."The Look" will be a jean shirt, leg warmers and of course the boots! My leggings are cozy and unbelievably soft when knit with Cascade 220 and Rowan Kid Haze. The Rowan Kid Haze adds so much depth to the Cascade 220 without feeling itchy. You can practically see the softness...ahhhh how Yummy!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Enough said about a Clapotis!

Now that's the way I feel about my Clapotis!
But, the one thing I haven't share with you is how "elated" I am with this finished knit.
This yarn makes for an awesome flowing Clapotis. I love, love, love the way it drapes!

There are times when a Clapotis just needs some time to rest and I think my living room will be just the right place for that !

Sunday, January 11, 2009

what's the deal?

I finally succumbed to the Clapotis and think I must be the last knitter on planet earth to knit a Clapotis!

I read about this design over and over again and thought "what's the deal"? I have now discovered what the deal's the uniqueness of the pattern! The piece is knit on the bias so the variegated yarn makes diagonal stripes while stitches are dropped to make a pattern in the opposite direction.
My Clapotis is now half finished and knit using 1 1/2 skeins of Blue Heron Rayon Metallic-Sport Weight, colorway Cayman, on #7 needles. Since my yarn selection is a rayon fiber I wanted a slightly tighter gauge and went down to the #7s instead of #8s. One additional set of 12 rows were added in section 2 (increase rows) and there will be 12 additional rows knit in section 3 (straight rows). This scarf will be nice and drapery!
The piece will be finished by adding an edging of 2 rows of single crochet.
What's not to looove with those Metallic flakes?!

Friday, January 2, 2009

under the influence....

.......... of a Chevron.
My first Chevron scarf is finished and quite intoxicating. You noticed I stated FIRST Chevron!
Already plans are set in place to start a second Chevron with this beautiful yarn.

Completion of this piece was in perfect timing to wear with my new Angel Down Lands End Vest and Tee in a "Happy Seagrass" color that arrived just after Christmas.
My Chevron Scarf is a very long 78 inches! What fun! I can wrap it and wrap it, double it, tie get the picture.