Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hap Blanket

Finished and ready for a gentle blocking before gifting to Mom. I'm in hopes she will love snuggling up in this throw as much as I loved knitting it. The garter stitch center makes for an ever so cozy squishy blanket while the feather and fan border adds interest and a tad of prissiness. I wanted a larger piece and modified the pattern by casting on 84 stitches and knitting 154 rows of garter stitch for the main center square. In preparation for the feather and fan edging, 85 stitches were picked up on each side. Mom's blankie blocked out to a usable 55'' square.

The Skinny:

Pattern: Hap Blanket

By: Ysolda

Fiber: Cascade Ecological

Amount: 2 skeins Natural

1 skein Brown

Needle: 39" - #11 circulars

Many baby blankets have been knit by this pattern and one could easily see what a seriously quick and fabulous baby blanket this would be. I could see a couple of baby blankies in my future, one in pink/cream/brown and one knit with blue/cream/brown!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

get excited.....

I finished something....The Pamuya Shawl! and yes, this is my second Pamuya Shawl (you might remember the first one). For the second time 'round my fiber of choice was Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn and is knit to the full size per pattern. The natural creams, tans and greys in this Noro colorway are so rich and fabulously pleasing to the eye. I hear Noro has stopped production of this colorway, #S269. What A Shame!
Ahhhh, the options! Wear Pamuya like this........
or draped and folded like this....
Project Particulars: Pamuya Shawl by Alexandra Wiedmayer, #4 circular needles, 2 skeins Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn. No pattern modifications.

My second Pamuya was just as enjoyable as the first and is loved equally as much.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

the silly and the serious

The Silly............ if you are looking for a seriously quick (like less than 3 hours)knit and think you could handle a purely fun knit, then the Katia/Triana scarf could be just what you're looking for.............. I wore it today and found it to be a fun and light hearted accessory! I thought I might feel a little clown-like, but not at all! The construction of this 100% acrylic mesh is most unusal. The needle is inserted in a hole at the edge of the mesh with one stitch knitted in each hole! AND like magic, you have a very powerful ruffled scarf. Katia provided so many pretty color combinations it was difficult to pick just one, but I finally selected #46 and adore the purples and black combo. Needle size is really not important in this project and I chose US #13 straight bamboo needles. The Serious..... remember my blue starry Pamuya? Remember how I said there would be another Pamuya in my future? Well here is my second Pamuya Shawl. I selected Noro Silk Garden sock yarn, colorway #S269 for this one! With 2 full skeins of Silk Garden, this will be a full size shawl that is considerably larger than my Starry one. I just love this pattern and the entire process for this piece........
The natural tones of this colorway are yummy and the color runs suit this pattern to perfection! I can hardly wait to finish and block this little p.r.e.t.t.y.! For sure it will be a lovely piece.