Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Bulky Scarf

Another Eternity Scarf for me, only this time I have a Bulky Eternity Scarf. I cast on 160 stitches and knit the scarf in the round. The Cartridge Rib pattern was knit for 18 rounds, the Cartridge Rib was knit with 4 repeats of rounds 23 - 27 and the final section, was knit with 14 rows of good old Stockinette.
I think the size of this one is ideal.
This piece was knit in 3 days! Now how's that for a quick knit? Even I get that kind of speedy results when knitting a bulky fiber on #10 needles!! The Noro-Kogarashi yarn is soft enough to wear at the neck (and I didn't even soak or block it). I was also pleased to notice the piece softened even more as I wore it today.
There is another skein of this fiber in my basket waiting to become a pair of gloves or I had considered a hat for a suite. I spent much of the morning looking at patterns and just haven't yet seen just the gloves or hat for me yet.
We are enjoying this lovely fresh snow today and couldn't resist the chance to take a few shots while the snow blanket exist.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Knitting

Christmas is a time to share with family and friends and hopefully some time to settle down and relax with needles in hand. With shopping finished, gift wrapping complete, baking and cooking boxed or ready for the oven, that's exactly where I am now and savouring every minute of it.

I started another one of these, but this time I chose to knit it using a bulky Noro - Kogarashi.
At this rate of speed and thanks to #10 needles, I should have the project complete during the Christmas Holiday. A bulky long Eternity Scarf will be fabulous worn over a leather or wool jacket this winter and I'm so pleased with the softness of this Noro fiber, it doesn't feel scratchy at all. I purchased 3 skeins of the Kogarashi and will use the 3rd skein for a pair of matching fingerless gloves. Ahhhhh, a suite!

So, if like me you are ready for Santa, slow down and pick up a quick knit to enjoy with a cup of hot tea or eggnog.

Happy Holiday!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Chic - Super Cupcake

This set was just finished this week and I have already worn it several times. The cap is fabulous, the cowl is perfect and the Malabrigo yarn is simply yummy. Both pieces were knit per the pattern with two exceptions. I went down one needle size for a slightly snugger head band fit and I chose to knit the cowl with a cast on of 200 stitches and knit to the full 8 3/4" per pattern. These changes suited me to a tee!
Seems about all my knitting friends have knit this hat and I think they should certainly knit the matching cowl, what a wonderful cozy piece when doubled around the neck. Do you see the bit of color variation? Before the knitting process was complete I was beginning to question my color selection (thought it to be perhaps a tad drab for my style), but was I wrong! I love the taupe/brown with a touch of blue here and there.
The Gardener took these shots at my favorite location these days...the new rock wall! You will probably see lots more knitting projects in front of this wall.
The skinny:
Pattern: Chic, Super Cupcake

Yarn: Malabrigo - Worsted

Color: 69 Pearl Ten

Amount: 3 skeins

Needle Size: 6 & 7

I give this pattern and yarn combination a "Thumbs Up"!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

under construction (part 2)

Here is the back of our den area with the glass wall dating back to 1962. And this is inside the den during construction. You see that door at the end of the room? You see the plastic over the door and the bright blue tape surrounding the door? Well, that's The Yarn Bar. The joke around the site with the contractor and The Gardener was to seal "That" door and ensure not a grain of dust would slip thru to "her" yarn (you see, The Gardener has been trained well).
Finally the finished wall with rock work that mates with our back wall and side porch, my new french doors (L.U.V.) and 8 matching windows across the back.