Monday, June 29, 2009

pinch me...........

.....'cause unless I'm dreaming, I have two summer sweaters blocking!

That's pretty exciting stuff around here, I mean to have two blockings (is that a real word?? don't think so) going at one time. Probably the best part of all this is that Sabine can be worn soon as the pins are finishing with this one.

Hey Teach! is yet another story. Once the knit is sewn together, the border will need to be knit up and down the front and around the neck and then finish off with these buttons. But still........I'm so darn close!

While these projects are doing their thing/drying, I think I should start that stole I have had my eye on for quite a while.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

a day in the life of a mom, daughter & textured shawl

Today was one of those wonderful days that you want to re-live again real soon. Time spent with Mom is always good, but today we both were in an especially light and jolly mood while sharing many of our favorite "Daddy Stories" and family secrets of the past.

We decided to head North to have breakfast at Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Yum-Yum! We split plates of Sweet Potato Pancakes, Virginia Country Ham (I know, I know---but it was a Special Saturday), Eggs, their famous Blackberry Preserves and of course, Biscuits! Folks come from near and far just to enjoy a meal on the back porch of this quaint little restaurant.

The rhododendrons were in full bloom and the surrounding landscaping never looked more beautiful to me. Mabry Mill is a nearly century old gristmill that has been seen on countless calendars and postcards and in my opinion is the most picturesque spot on the entire Blue Ridge Parkway.

Mom and I pose for a shot in front of the Awesome Mill! Don't we look Happy?? I told you so! Of course I had to wear my Textured Shawl and LOVIN' IT!After a full day in Virginia, it was nice to relax in my garden with a good book (I Capture the Castle) and a glass of wine. Don't you adore my new cotton quilt (purchased at the Mabry Mill gift shop), the ruffles sewn around every square are way too sweet! Of course all this relaxation included my new cotton Textured Shawl....who cares if it was 80 degrees...nothing will mess up my perfect day !

Thursday, June 25, 2009

textured shawl

I wanted a summer shawl in a neutral shade to wear to the movies, to restaurants and for car trips and this shawl knit with Sublime Organic Cotton, shade #96, is exactly what I had in mind.

DH took this shot before Blocking! I'm quite pleased with it before the soaking and blocking process....for sure, it will be Great once finished.

Here she is blocking! I think a movie would be nice tomorrow evening, You Think? I mean she will be dried by tomorrow and for sure will want to get out.

Are you familiar with the Textured/Recipe shawl? It's pretty cool. There are rows of stockinette stitches with lace patterns of your selection to fill in between the standard stockinette rows........told you it was a cool idea!

My shawl is made up of the Textured Stitch, Knitted Open Work Stitch, Purse Stitch, and Garter Stitch. Check out more project details in Ravelry... KnittingDivaGirl!

Anyhoo, I used my Vogue knitting book to select two of the lace patterns. Of all the knitting books in my library (and I have an embarrasing many) this is by far my most valuable and beloved read. I cannot tell you how many times I have pulled this publication for information, help, has truly been worth every penny.

This week-end I should have shots of the finished piece! I *Heart* this shawl!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

My Dad went to heaven 3 1/2 years ago. I will forever miss him and cherish the time I shared with him. Even in my 50's I was a Daddy's girl, sitting on his lap whenever possible.................
this is one of my last pictures with Dad and I think it says it all.
What a privilege to be his daughter!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Knitting Diva and UFO's

My exhaustion is the result of my many UFO's. For lack of a better excuse, I'll place all the blame on Ravelry. Would you have ever believed the impact this wife and husband's ingenious idea would have in the knitting arena? I have been inspired, educated, befriended, and to some degree...addicted to the Ravelry environment. This site is checked a minimum of twice a day at my house not to mention hits I make from my favorite gadget. I never fail to find some gratifying knitting related Tid-Bit, so is it any wonder why knitters are so intrigued?

Are you bored to tears with this post yet????....then let me try harder!

I have many UFO's so close to completion, I really need to get the rear in gear. 1. Hey, Teach! is ready to sew together (a summer sweater that I could be wearing right what am I thinking??) 2. Sabine - only one sleeve and this sweater is finished (yes, another summer sweater I could be wearing right what am I thinking AGAIN??) 3. Susie's Reading Mitts and I only need to knit the palm and picot edging (finishing is a must on these by fall) 4. Super Easy Leg Warmers, one leg waits patiently for leg #2 (these will be fabulous this coming winter - surely that is achievable).

Sheez, now I feel like making a UFO connection tonight---I'm thinking about that Sabine sleeve.

Cheers and have a Fabulous week-end!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer Knitting

Summer Flowers in my front yard!

Of all my knitting... I have only a couple of Spring/Summer scarves to show for my efforts. Well, it's June and I'm off to the races and knitting summer sweater after summer sweater. The first piece is Hey, Teach! What a quick fun knit. This free Knitty pattern would be an excellent first time lace garment piece for any knitter. This is the back of Hey, Teach!

I chose to knit this sweater using another stash yarn, Brown Sheep, Cotton Fleece. The Cotton Fleece is a nice fiber selection for this project and I'm most pleased with the combination.

Okay, I only have pics of the back of my HT, but all pieces are complete and I'm ready to sew the shoulder seams, knit the neckline and front ribbing and sew the garment together!!
This surprise shot is one of many Fabulous flower beds belonging to DH!

Now Back to Hey Teach........yesterday I was out searching for buttons and found these colored metal buttons that are perfect. I knew I didn't want anything pearl-like but desired something in the same color as the knit. I think these are great.
My second Summer Knit is Sabine from Coco Knits. I love the simplicity of Coco Knits! This will be a most versatile garment and is knit using Knit One Crochet Too, Babyboo in the color #719, Lilac. The color is wonderful and actually looks very very neutral..I love it!

Sabine is knit from the top down with eyelet detailing on the flared sleeves and hourglass shaped back. I plan to wear this sweater loose and think it will be a fabulous sweater to grab and run this season.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Aspen Leaf Wrap

My Aspen Leaf Wrap is quite "Outside the Box" and steps away from your ho-hum solid colorway...wish I could take credit for the ingenious idea to use these muted color changes, but that recognition goes to Laura of The Unique Sheep and her Mom, Jan. Thanks Gals! The Sushi Sock yarn (Insecta-Gradiance) from The Unique Sheep was amazing and a perfect marriage for this piece.

This knit will not only be worn as a wrap, but will be enjoyed as a scarf when tied and wrapped around the neck. I love this piece even more than expected...and my expectations were set high for this one! The lace pattern was easy and most enjoyable with the eyelet border and larger leaves that surround smaller ones. For some reason, I thought this was a rather peaceful shot.