Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Wishing my Family and Friends a Happy & Healthy New Year!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Fess-Up Fiber Friday #1

Fess-Up Fiber Friday posts will allow me to record information on various yarns in my stash.

Each Friday I will select a particular yarn from my stash and take a quick pic of the fiber (and perhaps the pattern), make notation of the future project for the yarn and comment on such topics as quality of the fiber, place and date of purchase, etc. (I think you get the picture).

My first Fess-Up Fiber Friday is Boku from Plymouth Yarn.

Yarn Details
Brand: Plymouth Yarn
Yarn Name: BOKU
Color: #4
Content: 95% Wool/5% Silk
Skein Weight: 50g = 99 yds

Project Plans: Triangle Shawl #1110

Comments: I saw a sample of this shawl while visitng a yarn shop in Virginia(with Jeannie and Laurie) and actually tried the sample on and found the shawl to be ever so comfortable and attractive. How could I resist the Boku when a LYS put the yarn on sale at 50% off!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

CHRISTMAS IS A TIME............ celebrate the birth of our King!

From my Home to Yours
Merry Christmas and A Happy Holiday Season!

Tootie is in quite the festive mood with a little sparkle in her ears!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

So Vintage So Me

I'm not particularly into Vintage clothing, but when it's a sweater hand made by my Mom, I'm into Vintage!! This is a sweater she knit for me in 1957. I remember wearing it for many years and feeling so Girlie!
This sweater is 100% wool. I think cotton and wool were the only yarn choices in 1957, at least in the Foot Hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. Mom purchased the wool from a small five & dime type store and ordered the Angora from Montgomery and Ward! I remember her receiving the little ball of Angora and how "Special" I felt that she actually ordered yarn for "My Sweater"!

It continues to warm my heart each time I pull this sweater from the cotton bag that is always stored on a top shelf in my closet. Over the years, this piece has made every move with me and I consider this truly one of my Treasures.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Knit Picky's Holiday Party

A group of Knit Picky knitters met Sunday evening at Foot Hill's Brewery to celebrate the Holiday Season. The evening was festive with Door Prizes, Dirty Santa gift exchange (knitting related gifts of course), Drinks, Dinner and a Very Lively Group of Knitters! Knitters Rock!

Please enjoy pics from the evening.....................

Knitters Making Christmas Cheers!

Knitting is a Good Thing!

Jeannie, Laurie and Knit Picky Owner, Jo.

Knitters Junebug and Lady Di.

Knitters in the Holiday Spirit.

Four Day Birthday Celebration

Today, December 10th, is officially my Birthday and I am now ** years old. Enough said about the age thingy, but I will tell you I hit a milestone this year and it was a BIG ONE !

Birthday Dinner with my two favorite guys....Hubby-Bill, Son-Brack and our Lisa (Brack's Girl Friend).
Actually, the Birthday celebrations started on Friday with a day of shopping, eating and giggling with Mom. She is so easy to love and be around and totally lifts my spirits and fills me with joy! I am forever thankful for her and love her dearly!

My Saturday afternoon was spent visiting and sharing war stories with my "Gem Sister" Judy. We share a common love for anything that glitters, sparkles or is furry with pelts. No encouragement or excuses are needed for us to spend hours acting like young girls and playing with our prized possessions! We are probably closer than most sisters....yea, like two peas in a pod!

DH and I ended The Saturday Celebration with dinner at Milner's with our Special Friends, Ronda and Jerry. The company was superb and the dinner fabulous!

A quick pic before dinner!
Sunday was an unforgettable day when Dear Friends, Jeannie and Laurie surprised me with far too much attention...I love you girl friends! There was sock yarn, knitting books, birthday cake, candles, wine, Boyds Bears calendar, the list goes on and on.

Some of my Birthday Cards and Goodies.....

Thank you all for making this such a marvelous Birthday. I am truly blessed to have such supportive and loving family and friends.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Getting my Groove Back

After what I thought to be a slow start, I really seem to be Getting my (Silver Belle) Groove Back. I have finished the Peplum, but left it on the needles as I may still add another additional inch (a couple of inches have already been added). The right sleeve and yoke are complete and ready for the neck shaping. I decided to start the left sleeve and yoke and do the neck shaping on the right and left yoke in sequence....sounds like I may have an assembly line of sorts!

This project should be off the needles by New Years...'cause it may take me a while just to put the sweater together once the knitting is complete. You see I am a knitting "Newbie" and much of my time is spent studing the pattern/instructions.

Even with this crappy nasty cold this week, I have pushed myself to rise and shine everyday to:
1. be at my desk by 8:00 am
2. keep my knitting Groove by starting the left sleeve Thursday evening
See my left sleeve progress...........

I love cables, but this is my second large cable project and I think my cable needle may be put to rest when Silver Belle is least for a while. See my cn below (I tried 3 different cable needles before selecting this one as my favorite) and wouldn't you agree she looks overworked??