Saturday, January 30, 2010

two first

By George I think I have it, the hang of the toe up sock technique and knitting two socks at a time using the magic loop method!

Now I consider myself to be quite an experienced magic loop knitted, but find this method for two socks at time to be slightly fiddly. Between knitting the short rows there is constant pulling of the loops from sock to sock and row to row and keeping the two balls of yarn straight and on the correct side. I do believe I spend more time with the procedure than I spend knitting.

The socks I have on the needles is the basic sock pattern from Wendy Johnson's book, Socks from the Toe Up. I'm really digging the Toe Up thingy and think I will be inspired to use this process again and again. My basic socks are knit using stash yarn, Sweet Georgia in the colorway, Still Water.

Knowing I'm not alone when I say I always knit that "First" sock with much excitement then loss the drive and focus to start and finish the "Second" one. For this reason, future socks will be knit using the magic loop (I detest DPs) and two at a time by knitting each sock in sections. Example: toe of sock one then toe of sock two, foot of sock one then foot of sock get it! At least this will eliminate those lonely socks.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Blanket Yum Yum

Meet my completed Log Cabin ! This is a warm, cozy, large (56" x 66" when measured flat) blanket that I love far more than I ever expected. Now when I say "cozy" I mean this Ultra Alpaca Log Cabin piece is literally the coziest thing EVER! Softness beyond belief. If you could only touch it you would truly understand what the raving is all about. And that's not all, it is fluid and large enough to be used as a blanket for two.
Nine colors of Berroco Ultra Alpaca make up this blanket. Wish I could share the number of skeins used in the piece with you, but with the numerous trips to my LYS for more yarn, I just lost count of the skeins purchased. But, I can share my color selections of 6204-Taupe, 6203-camel, 6279-Dark Brown Heather, 6246-Dark Turquoise, 6294-Light taupe, 6293-Wine & Brown Heather, 6201-White,6208-Off White and 6289- Grey.
The enjoyment of this knit has resulted in the beginning of yet a second large blanket, The Barn Raising Blanket from the book, Knitalong. This blanket will be knit in colors of the rainbow using stash sock yarns. My first 7" x 7" square knit in shades of red and orange has been completed and was too much fun....this should make for a colorful and happy 2010! Can't wait to share pics of this project real soon.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

step back.... take a deep (very deep) breath.....

and that's exactly the exercise I have had to practice for the last couple of weeks! You may remember the issue I had when stitching my log cabin together, well that train wreck wasn't enough excitement in my knitting arena. With completion of the Swirl Wrap yesterday, I was all set for the anxiously awaited blocking process. Before going to the blocking board, I preformed my usual celebration dance around the house (DH has grown accustomed to this ritual and actually expects it).

As with all lace work, blocking brought out all the positives of this knit. Each swirl popped on it's own and the beauty of the purples, greens and blues was amazing! I was three quarters into the blocking process when I saw IT..........apparently there was a dropped stitch in one swirl that I pulled during blocking! One might wonder how I missed such a thing 'cause before starting each new swirl I looked and looked at each completed swirl while pulling at the pattern for any dropped stitches the might pop out. Anyhow, I'm now faced with a gorgeous wrap with a 2" hole in the middle of the back. Crap-ola!!!

If you are one of a weak should look away now!

The wrap will be lifted from blocking this afternoon with the exception of about 4" surrounding the known "BooBoo". Upon close inspection I think I can pick up the open stitches (they actually stand up) and stitch with some attached yarn and duplicate stitches. I'm aware this will never be the wrap as planned, but think I can salvage the knit and have a lovely but not perfect scarf. This will be Our Little Secret!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

seeing red

This red knitting bag is from Namaste and it's huge.It's so huge I could fit Dusty into it, all though Dusty's not a purse sort of guy...I mean dog! As a owner of 3 other Namaste knitting bags I think my opinion qualifies as worth while; with that said, I believe this to be the nicest Namaste bag ever. It is roomy with tons of pouches, zippers and sports most usable 10.5"shoulder or handheld handles. I really like how it never slouches but stands up on it's own. Did I mention how "smoking hot" this bag is in "Red"?

And the red doesn't stop with a bag.....with Christmas $$ I purchased a set of Hiya Hiya Interchangeable Circular Needles in a lovely oriental brocade case. The interchangeable needles feature keyless screw-on connections and swivel cables with 7 sets of tips in sizes US 2 through 8. Four cables are included to make 16", 24", 32" and 40" needles.

Seriously, it is taking all my will power to finish a Swirly Thingy before starting a new project using my precious Hiya Hiya needles! Good things come to those that wait.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


As usual, it's quiet here this early morning. Every breathing thing in my house is still asleep and still abed. Outside the wind is howling and is joined by the lowest consistent temperatures we have experienced in many years.

I have to admit this early morning quiet time is one I look forward to daily and time to clear and organize my mind, plan events of the day, write in my journal, focus on a knitting project or surf some of my favorite blogs. Most mornings I get to see the sun as it rises. And how cool is that? I'm the only person in my household that has a clue to what the day might hold.

So glad I'm a morning person. So glad I love mornings!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2009 knitting review

2009 was the year of entrelac, shawls, summer garments, and color....lots of color!

1. Toasty, 2. One Skein Portrait Scarf, 3. Super Easy Leg Warmers, 4. Cabled Rib Wrap, 5. Sideways Grande Hat, 6. Lemana, 7. Hey, Teach!, 8. Tidal Streams, 9. Sabine, 10. Textured Shawl, 11. Susie's Reading Mitts, 12. Aspen Leaf Wrap, 13. Ishbel, 14. Autumn, 15. Lilth, 16. Pleated Wrap, 17. Maine Morning Mitts & Lady Eleanor Entrelac Scarf, 18. Sara Magic Ball Hat, 19. Selbu Modern Hat, 20. Clapotis #2, 21. Petra, 22. Clapotis #1, 23. Log Cabin, 24. Watchers

I find it hard to choose a favorite among all the 2009 knits, but remember the satisfaction of finishing my first Clapotis. I could not understand what all the hype was about with this unusual looking knit. But, curiosity took hold and I became one of the thousands to knit a Clapotis. Quickly into the process I found myself amazed and intrigued at the sheer engineering of the piece and immediately began a second one. Both Clapotis remain two of my favorite knits!

New beginnings are always exciting and hopefully the new year of 2010 will bring challenging projects that include a fair isle sweater, socks and many fun hats.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

my new crush....

is a Gateway NV7802 love it - Seriously, I may be married to it!

Now I can blog and knit in my favorite place


watch Mark Harmon on NCIS

Multi-tasking creatures...that's us and that's when we women sparkle the brightest! Excuse me while I go Sparkle!

Friday, January 1, 2010

me and some catching up

Well, seems my real life has consumed my on-line and knitting life. But with the holidays over and DH's knee recuperation at about 90%, things are slowly but surely finding their way to some degree of normalcy at our house. Oh Happy Days...that means I will be knitting a-go-go again! "We all know a woman's gotta knit when a woman's gotta knit!"

Now let me catch you up on some knitting efforts. Remember how I was raging with excitement about my Log Cabin Blanket? How I was all gang buster on the blanket knitting!

That was then.

This is now. The NOW consists of major issues sewing the frickin' thing together. The blanket is so lovely and soft I think I might eat it....BUT, sewing the columns together has proven to be quite challenging! After sewing the first column up three blocks I realized my process wasn't working and another option would be necessary. OMG, what a mess! Trust me, I'm not a total perfectionist, but this will have to be addressed...too much time, too much $$ and way too much Log Cabin Love to not relick this calf!! I think I have worked out another option and will share those results with you on a later post.

The Log Cabin is now regrouping while I finish my Swirl Shawl. This shawl has been a delight to knit and I'm about to begin the final row ( my shawl is 5 rows wide). Each swirl takes close to one hour to complete...or one episode from my Season One DVD of Mad Men. I'm so hooked on that show, the early 60s, the smoke, the alcohol, the fashions and the quirkiness of the characters! I already look forward to viewing season two and wouldn't Season Two be nice to carry me thru this project and to the blocking board! Yes, there was a little Holiday knitting at my house this year; hence, Toasty! These fingerless gloves were knit especially for friends Laurie and Pam. Hopefully, they enjoy wearing them only half as much as I loved knitting them! Toasties are Great!

Happy New Year Friends!!