Sunday, January 17, 2010

step back.... take a deep (very deep) breath.....

and that's exactly the exercise I have had to practice for the last couple of weeks! You may remember the issue I had when stitching my log cabin together, well that train wreck wasn't enough excitement in my knitting arena. With completion of the Swirl Wrap yesterday, I was all set for the anxiously awaited blocking process. Before going to the blocking board, I preformed my usual celebration dance around the house (DH has grown accustomed to this ritual and actually expects it).

As with all lace work, blocking brought out all the positives of this knit. Each swirl popped on it's own and the beauty of the purples, greens and blues was amazing! I was three quarters into the blocking process when I saw IT..........apparently there was a dropped stitch in one swirl that I pulled during blocking! One might wonder how I missed such a thing 'cause before starting each new swirl I looked and looked at each completed swirl while pulling at the pattern for any dropped stitches the might pop out. Anyhow, I'm now faced with a gorgeous wrap with a 2" hole in the middle of the back. Crap-ola!!!

If you are one of a weak should look away now!

The wrap will be lifted from blocking this afternoon with the exception of about 4" surrounding the known "BooBoo". Upon close inspection I think I can pick up the open stitches (they actually stand up) and stitch with some attached yarn and duplicate stitches. I'm aware this will never be the wrap as planned, but think I can salvage the knit and have a lovely but not perfect scarf. This will be Our Little Secret!!

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