Sunday, February 28, 2010

a 2010 ravelymic story

My Ravelymic project, The Tattoo Tank, was cast on the evening of the 2010 opening ceremony! I was part of the Team Purl Scout group from Ravelry. Each member was to begin a project of their selection at the beginning of the Olympics and complete it by the closing ceremony. Congratulations to me for meeting the challenge! One of the rules for Ravelymics was to select a challenging project. While The Tattoo Tank was not technically a challenge, it was a challenge to complete by the closing ceremony. This was the perfect knit for knitting your brains out and watching all the Olympic events. Just Perfect!
In celebration of the closing Olympics, I have worn the tank all day and seriously loving it and so seriously loving the Heart Tattoo that adores the back!
It's a Wrap:
Pattern: Tattoo Tank from Winter/Spring 2010 issue of Knitscene
Yarn: Silky Wool by Elsebern Lavold
Color: Red #56
Needle: US #7
The pattern by Mariaina Bird is a sweet and enjoyable knit!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


May I introduce you to my new puppy-niece, Zoe! She is a 9 week old Long Haired Chihuahua that is the center of attention in our family.

You should see the sparkle she has put in my brother and wife's eyes these days!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Olympic Ready and more........

Just watched the new version of We are the World that actually brought tears to my eyes and enveloped my body in chills. Yes, it was a perfect prelude for the Open Ceremony of the 2010 Olympics! I have been looking forward to the games for weeks now and can assure you I will be glued to the tube thru the 28th...of course with needles in hand!

My Ravelympian project has been started with Grand hopes of finishing it by the Olympic Closing Ceremony on the 28th.

Finally I have pictures of my delicious finished Spiral Shawl to share with you. So seriously pleased I elected to knit this five rows wide 'cause now I have a wonderful full size shawl!
Yummy Color!
Remember my blocking disaster, well that is all in the past! The nasty dropped stitch that popped it's ugly head up during the blocking process was corrected with the use of a crochet hook and much patience. Isn't it amazing what one can accomplish with a crochet hook??? Anyhow...once steamed I can't even find the BooBoo.

My shawl was finished with a single crochet border. I like the pristine results of this process and think it gives the knit a little added weight that makes it drape ever so nicely.

I have three words for this knit....Love.Love.Love.

The Skinny...........
Jojoland Melody Superwash Yarn
Color MS29
5 Skeins
#5 Addi Lace Needles
09-09-2009 thru 01-15-2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Helmet Liner

In support of our troops, I am proud to be one of a group of knitters that have knit a helmet liner to be shipped to our servicemen in Afghanistan or Iraq! My liner is knit using Cascade Yarn 220 Superwash in a brown colorway.

Colors allowed by the military are black, charcoal, brown, tan or olive drab. The pattern was fun, quick, easy and not expensive when knit with the Cascade 220.

Our freedom is a precious gift and this is a small way to make men and women who make this freedom possible, more comfortable and let them know we care.