Friday, August 27, 2010


It's very difficult to impress Garden Man, but he really likes this one!
Maybe it's the airiness of the piece or maybe it's the color combinations so far or just maybe he sees the big smile on my face as I knit every colorful stitch. After his extremely positive comment I laughed while telling him of the years the Feather and Fan design had been around and was only an old idea with a new twist. He simply winked and whipped out the door to do what he does best...Garden.
This lovely knit is a stole in the making and knit using two different colors of Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn. Imagine knitting a fingering weight fiber on #9 needles and you will realize you have a wonderful light wrap. I'll follow up soon with all the details of this latest project, but I will tell you now, I'm really loving the effect of this Feather and Fan project.
Actually I have had a very non-productive knitting week with far too many distractions. One of the major distractions has been in my garden, I mean all those pretty flowers to appreciate and gaze at.

And to cut (only with the Garden Man's permission of course). And to gaze at some more. But the biggest distraction this week was Droid X! There has been much too much time spent getting cozy with this new (long sought after ) HOT phone! Check out the purple know how much I love purple!
With all those distractions it's no wonder I have so little knitting progress to share with you, but next week should be different story.

Hope you all have a Fabulous week-end!

Friday, August 13, 2010

it's a Mad Men thing..........

......and ohmahgah my obsession not only continues but is growing in strength.........

Season 4 brings Joan (Christina Hendricks) back to the office and in that real life-like Joan form we have come to expect. Some women make an impressive entrance, but no not Joan, Joan's strong point appears during her every exit. I mean that gal has a mean prance going on, the gal knows how to make an exit all right! Just imagine being a wife in the 60's and your husband working in an office with the likes of a Joan traipsing around.

And this is her office attire...............
(glad to see ya back Joan)

Just as unpopular and politically incorrect as cigarettes are in today's was embraced in the 60's! Everybody and their cousins puffed like a freight train as if there was no tomorrow.
Seriously. As unhealthy as it was, those were the days???? or were they.....anyhoooo let's not get ourselves all worked up over the smoking thing - 'cause it's just another TV show ( to be savored).
Now how could one think or mention Mad Men and not speak of the dark and mysteeeerious Don Draper (Jon Hamm).
So virile. Such masculinity. He has the busiest zipper in town that certainly doesn't resolve or simplify his troubled life.
Check out this picture I came across....
Jon Hamm in stubbles and whiskers! The women want him and the men want to be him. ENJOY!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

seaside throw and a change of heart

Seaside Throw is one knit that would be a great baby blankie that could be used continuously into the life of a small child. That wasn't the plan when this project was started, but the more I knit, the more I think my finished Vanilla - 100% cotton piece will be boxed in tissue paper waiting for that "Special Little Person". I'm enjoying the rhythm of this pattern and think it may be one of those knits you regret seeing end. One would think the natural Vanilla colorway would get boring, but it is pure yumminess! While a lot of knitting remains on Seaside, there is already plans for my next knit that will take me from the present loved natural color of the Seaside Throw to this................ Aade Long Artistic 8/1, colorway "Rainbow". Yes! This will be my next Ishbel, only this one will be on a larger scale and in a fabulous multi-rainbow of colors!