Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pink Pearls and Jazz

Ms Jazz is our 10 year old Italian Greyhound. She is a very mellow and feminine lap warmer! My favorite Jazz shot! It takes tons of practice to baby cradle an IG. I mean what to do with all those legs!! Jazz and yours truly, the only females in our household. Yea, there are times we girls have to stick together!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Fess Up Fiber Friday, #33

Yarn Details
Brand: Lorna's Lace
Yarn Name: Helen's Lace
Color: #76 Asian
Content: 50% Silk/50% Wool
Skein Weight: 4oz/1250 yds

Two views of the one skein. Click on the shots to enjoy the depth of the muted shading!
Project Plans: This yarn really doesn't know what it wants to be when it grows up! But I think it will come to the conclusion it wishes to be A Scheherazade Stole (Kitty will not be included)! I'm in love with this refined graceful piece of knit! Scheherazade was purchased on-line from here!

Living Dangerously

.......................................................................comic from kxcd..............................................................

All this blogging and knitting must mean I'm living Dangerously, I mean the fact that they both even made it on a Danger List is pretty scary.........

Maybe I should revise my will so DH will divide my stash between my friends and loved ones should the inevitable happen.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ever had one of those days?

Since I had one of those days today, I'm going to Blog an Italian Greyhound. Ahhhhhh... I feel better already!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Knitting Action

Dusty enjoys watching the Knitting Action around my house! See?
Not much has been mentioned about my knitting efforts lately, when actually my fingers are seeing quite a bit of action! I have two rather large projects in the works, there is the....................

Elegant Kimono from Knitting Simple Jackets.This Kimono is knit using Berroco Ultra Alpaca. The piece will be heavenly to wear to those fall football and winter basketball games! Yea, like wearing a comfortable blanket. I chose an oatmeal color and will use Berroco Ultra Alpaca in off white to stripe the exaggerated cuffs and trim out the entire garment and sleeves in a crochet edging in the off white. The back is now complete and the fronts are in the works. Here is a shot of the cool sleeve cuff!

Then there is my Sasha skirt. Getting close to the end of this "lots of knitting" piece! I chose to knit the 30" skirt and in the course of the process have come to realize the huge difference in a 22" skirt and a 30" skirt! All in all, the extra stitches involved will be worth it... 'cause I'm loving the length and loving the red, brown and pinks in the piece.

There is one and a half more ruffles to finish, then it's off to the washer and dryer with the only thing left to do is "Wear & Enjoy"!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

1 Year Blogoversary!

To celebrate the One Year Blogoversary for Knitting On Cloud IX, I thought perhaps I would throw Confetti or have a glass of Sparkling White Wine! Instead I decided it was time to give the blog a new face lift. It was ironic that once into the revision, I found it most difficult to let go of the old format...but change is usually a good thing! Anyway, Welcome to my Refurbished Blog!

Knitting On Cloud IX...The Beginning!
Early in 2007, a couple of gals in my knitting group at a LYS were raving about some knitting related blogs. Not to be left out, I thought I should see what I was missing. How quickly I found myself checking certain blogs daily; like, A Friend to Knit With, 1870 Pearl, Domesticrafts, Knit, Shower and Shave, and Lolly Knitting Around. I was eagerly surfing blogs to either gain additional insight in the world of knitting or hear about the latest events in my favorite new friends' lives! In quick fashion I found myself lost in this new world of blogging.

It was during that summer I began to flirt with the idea of such a hobby. I carried a very small pink pad with me and jotted down possible blog titles for weeks. If I was in a grocery store and had a thought, it was quickly entered in the small pink pad. Then one Sunday morning, DH and I were on the way home from a morning spent with our dogs at the dog park and I was thinking about my (possible) newborn blog, when out of nowhere came Knitting On Cloud IX (not 9 but IX)! No need to write the title in the little pink pad as that WAS IT! At that point, I couldn't get home quick enough to start my blog! Now...what template would be me? It had to appear Fun, Light Hearted, Whimsical, and Feminine. Knitting On Cloud IX was born that very afternoon!

My site has been and remains an exercise to share my knitting successes/failures and perhaps a bit of my personal satisfactory from the beloved hobby. Stories have been shared relating to the numerous new knitting friends I have found through this journey, as well as some current and past events of my life, family and pets.

One year ago today, my intent was simply to develop a blog, a new hobby, a knitting journal. Along the way I found myself developing wonderful friendships. I have been blessed with fabulous friends that have encouraged and inspired me!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I have been a major slacker when it comes to my normal walking and strength training routine. Well, the walking shoes have been pulled from the shoe box and are ready to hit the pavement again!
Too much knitting and long hours sitting at a desk over the last two and a half years have finally taken a toll on my whole body! Everyday there is this little voice that attempts to convince me to move, to take a serious look in the mirror....especially the rear view (OMG)! For sure, I don't see that same body that use to crave daily movement, I see a me that has felt physically unbalanced for some time.
What matters and what I wish to accomplish is good health and bring on the walking shoes, dumb bells and knitting needles!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Fess Up Fiber Friday, #32

Yarn Details

Brand: Twisted Sisters
Yarn Name: Jazz
Color: Mink
Creamy Yellow
Content: 100% Fine Merino (Delicious)
Skein Weight: 50g/167 yds each

Project Plans: Kaleidoscope Scarf
A beautiful little piece of neck jewelry!

My first Dominion project! A class is planned for September 20th and I'm thrilled to learn a new process. Word is that Dominion knitting takes patience, but is worth it once the piece is complete. Wish me luck!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Quilt for Grandchild.

Look at a quilt I made (for my Grandchild) about 25 years ago! I chose soft pink, blue, yellow and green gingham shades that would be suitable for Grand Baby Girl or Grand Baby Boy. Every minute spent cutting, piecing and quilting this Special Quilt was filled with excitement and joy in anticipation of a first Grandchild someday. The animal designs were traced from coloring books and the pieced square designs were some of my favorites selected from numerous quilting books.

I cut each little triangle and square by hand then pieced the quilt top on a machine. The piece is 45" x 45" with each quilted square finishing at 11". This was actually the sixth quilt I had completed.

Here is a close up of some of the Hand Pieced Squares ! Did I mention I quilt the entire quilt by hand ? (If you think knitting is rough on the fingers and hands, then just try quiliting! There were days I simply had to put the quilting needle down just to let my fingers heal.) This is certainly not the most difficult quilt I ever completed, but probably is my favorite....I mean really.....what could be more special than making something for a First Grandchild!!

I love love love this little quilt and still hope to have that Grandchild one day.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Yarn Love Affair

While blog surfing today I came across this print that I had no problem relating to, and I know I'm not alone. Don't you just adore her Happy Socks?

The print is most appropriately called Yarn Love Affair and is available for $15.00 here.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Fess Up Fiber Friday #30

Imagination is what one needs to appreciate the fun of this Handspun yarn and this pattern should knit up for me in quck fashion! The yarn has small spiral curls both loose and tight and the fiber changes from thick to thin! What Fun is that???

Yarn Details
Brand: Ozark Handspun
Color: Pointed Canyon
Content 50% Wool/50% ?
Skein Weight 100g/34 yds

Project Plans: Ozark Cap and Wristlets

Comments: The ribbing on my cap and wristlets will be knit in Lambs Pride Bunky in #M183.
As I hope my cap will be nice and "floppy", I will knit it in the large size.