Sunday, August 24, 2008

Knitting Action

Dusty enjoys watching the Knitting Action around my house! See?
Not much has been mentioned about my knitting efforts lately, when actually my fingers are seeing quite a bit of action! I have two rather large projects in the works, there is the....................

Elegant Kimono from Knitting Simple Jackets.This Kimono is knit using Berroco Ultra Alpaca. The piece will be heavenly to wear to those fall football and winter basketball games! Yea, like wearing a comfortable blanket. I chose an oatmeal color and will use Berroco Ultra Alpaca in off white to stripe the exaggerated cuffs and trim out the entire garment and sleeves in a crochet edging in the off white. The back is now complete and the fronts are in the works. Here is a shot of the cool sleeve cuff!

Then there is my Sasha skirt. Getting close to the end of this "lots of knitting" piece! I chose to knit the 30" skirt and in the course of the process have come to realize the huge difference in a 22" skirt and a 30" skirt! All in all, the extra stitches involved will be worth it... 'cause I'm loving the length and loving the red, brown and pinks in the piece.

There is one and a half more ruffles to finish, then it's off to the washer and dryer with the only thing left to do is "Wear & Enjoy"!!!

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