Monday, August 11, 2008

Quilt for Grandchild.

Look at a quilt I made (for my Grandchild) about 25 years ago! I chose soft pink, blue, yellow and green gingham shades that would be suitable for Grand Baby Girl or Grand Baby Boy. Every minute spent cutting, piecing and quilting this Special Quilt was filled with excitement and joy in anticipation of a first Grandchild someday. The animal designs were traced from coloring books and the pieced square designs were some of my favorites selected from numerous quilting books.

I cut each little triangle and square by hand then pieced the quilt top on a machine. The piece is 45" x 45" with each quilted square finishing at 11". This was actually the sixth quilt I had completed.

Here is a close up of some of the Hand Pieced Squares ! Did I mention I quilt the entire quilt by hand ? (If you think knitting is rough on the fingers and hands, then just try quiliting! There were days I simply had to put the quilting needle down just to let my fingers heal.) This is certainly not the most difficult quilt I ever completed, but probably is my favorite....I mean really.....what could be more special than making something for a First Grandchild!!

I love love love this little quilt and still hope to have that Grandchild one day.

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