Thursday, March 25, 2010

lesson learned

My finished Silk Melody Scarf.
This 100% silk truly is lovely to the touch and there is no doubt I will wear it often. It is nice and long and will be wrapped and worn close to the neck. Softness beyond belief! Knitting stockinette stitch with pure silk on addis can be quite challenging and I admit as I got further into this project my stitches were a frightful sight. I continued on.....having faith a good long bath would result in a positive transformation. Once again, Soak worked its magic and whipped those pulled and sad looking stitches into shape.
Let's talk about the cast-on used on Melody. I now know that using a long tail cast-on on fiber such as silk is a poor choice. Let that be a valuable lesson learned! Silk has no give as does the long tail cast-on resulting in an extremely taut edge. Looking back I now realize the cable cast-on would have been a more desirable choice.

Note to self: Going forward place more importance on cast-on selections by mating the best cast-on method with fiber and pattern.
You can bet I'll once again be reaching for my Vogue Knitting (The Ultimate Knitting Book).

Friday, March 19, 2010


Wonder what use a knitter would have for a Silk Pouch Bag??
IF you guessed to hold a Silk Melody are a wise one and are very correct!
My Melody is knit with 1,000 yards of Claudia Hand Painted Yarn -100% Silk in the colorway,Chocolate Cherry! What a lovely yarn!

If you aren't familiar with this pattern, you seriously must check it out! This is only THE perfect travel project or the perfect piece to leave in your car or travel bag to just pick up here or there to sneak in a few minutes of knitting.
The scarf is knit in the round...all stockinette stitch, then cut to open into a rectangle. I'm half way thru this project and still find myself undecided about blocking Melody. I may not block it at all and just let it roll and wear as a cool casual long scarf.
Don't you love the thought of casual and silk together??

Sunday, March 7, 2010

workin' the socks

I take back every negative thing I said in this post. The beginning of my first toe up sock using the knit two at a time method was a bit rocky at first, but after those first few inches I found my groove! How satisfying to complete a pair of socks at the same time and to be assured the pair will be exactly the same length and same gauge.I have already worn my newly finished Basic Socks by Wendy Johnson and found them to physically warm my tootsies and mentally warm my heart. Click. Click. Click. That's the sound of my addi needles knitting up the next pair of socks from this book. My Diamond Gansey Toe Up socks should be simple lace loveliness when knit in a pale blue Shibuikknits superwash merino yarn.

Looking to the future, I see two pair of Jay Walker socks that need mates, you don't believe me??? is the proof! Once the Diamond Gansey pair is complete the Jay Walkers will be finished. They are way too p.r.e.t.t.y to not complete.