Friday, March 19, 2010


Wonder what use a knitter would have for a Silk Pouch Bag??
IF you guessed to hold a Silk Melody are a wise one and are very correct!
My Melody is knit with 1,000 yards of Claudia Hand Painted Yarn -100% Silk in the colorway,Chocolate Cherry! What a lovely yarn!

If you aren't familiar with this pattern, you seriously must check it out! This is only THE perfect travel project or the perfect piece to leave in your car or travel bag to just pick up here or there to sneak in a few minutes of knitting.
The scarf is knit in the round...all stockinette stitch, then cut to open into a rectangle. I'm half way thru this project and still find myself undecided about blocking Melody. I may not block it at all and just let it roll and wear as a cool casual long scarf.
Don't you love the thought of casual and silk together??


Karen said...

ooh, I love the way that color is knitting up. I haven't blocked my Melody, though I might later to get a little more length. I wore it today :)

Anonymous said...

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~ Dawn Sparks ~ said...

Holy Cow! That is gorgeous...drooling over that yarn!