Monday, July 25, 2011

Christmas in July around here and little bits of life through my lens

I realize it is July, but man I was so temped to leave my new hand knitted Christmas Stocking hanging for a few days "just because" I LOVE IT.
I have admired and desired the Elegant Heirlooms Christmas Stockings for several years now.  They really are lovely and rather fun to watch them come to life with all the beads, garland, glitter, bows and bells.  There are many different stocking patterns to choose from and all are so fun and whimsical that selecting just one can be a most difficult one.
With this project complete, I have learned a new technique, Intarsia!  Such excitement here as I have wanted to know how to do forever!  It is basically pretty easy, just remember, "Old Over the New!!!  (wonder how many times I said that line during this knit)
I already have my second kit in hand (it will be knit for The Gardener).  His Elegant Heirlooms Stocking is The Christmas Tree!  Surely it will be completed in four months and ready for some Christmas goodies.
Did you know I have Granddoggies??  This is me and my Granddoggie, Rusty, on a Saturday afternoon! He loves Grammy's visits as much as she loves him. 
Hugs & Purls!