Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wrapigan...wrap or cardigan?

So Weird I haven't had a post on this wrap/cardigan project, no idea how it was missed, so here's an update. It's really a wrap/shawl but wears like a cardigan. That's right, a wrap with real life sleeves! The Wrapigan is a stitch poet design from Champagne maker and like her other patterns is one of its own and is sure to be a head turner. How could one not be charmed by the beautiful cable that runs the full length of the sleeve to then end with a fabulous bow at the cuff...can you stand it???
I'm especially attracted to the 10" flowing Peruvian Tweed fringe that graces the two bottom front panels. You may never knit a project with this fiber, but if you ever see it in a shop, don't miss the opportunity to touch it. It is Heavenly!
This knit was on my needles almost 1 1/2 years! Why? Now for sure there is quite a lot of knitting in this piece (really a good project for social knitting), but I really found my Wrapigan Mojo when I started the sleeves! What Fun! My heart was actually into the project and I was in a real state of excitement. No more facing miles of stockette stitches. There was only enjoyment as I began the first sleeve and watched the twisting of that large puffy cable that runs the sleeve length. Each sleeve is graced with a cute seed stitch bow at the cuff.
I can only say "I Love It"!
Pattern: Wrapigan by Champagne Maker
Fiber: Peruvian Tweed by Joseph Galler
100% Super fine Alpaca
Amount: 3 Skeins
Needle: #7

Sunday, September 12, 2010

FO: Striped Feather & Fan Shawl

I can only say really wonderful things about this Striped Feather & Fan Shawl. - The Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn was as always, a joy to work with.
- The constant color changes kept the project interesting and fun.
- The pattern was so simple with an easy four row repeat. As much as I love making charts and marking off each row, it was kind of nice to just knit - a little like free styling!
- Imagine knitting a fingering weight on #9 or #10 needles. I continue to be amazed of the color depth and lusciousness of this piece.
- And it was quick. The shawl was knit in a couple of weeks with much ease.
This striped F&F project could work for any F&F pattern, simply knit 2 rows of one multi-color run and two rows of an accompanying multi-color way. I have seen this completed with sock yarn in two different brilliant jewel tones and it was beautiful!
Don't be surprised if you see another F&F on my totally bright jewel tones of course!