Sunday, June 5, 2011

goodbye May...hello June

May was planned to be a productive month of knitting and truly there was quite a bit...or I should say A LOT of knitting going on, but I have nothing to show for it! Nothing at all! Just ask my friends, they have listened to me whine off and on all month...Thanks Girlies! Now you may be asking, why? Why did I frog every single blame stitch knitted? Without going into a deep dive of information, I'll just say after many hours of knitting time I found May project #1 simply not an enjoyable knit. No one's fault, just not fun for me. So after 2 weeks of stitches I tearfully Ripped every stitch and stashed the lace yarn for another venture at another time.

After I gathered my wits and dealt with my disappointment, I cast on for this using some beautiful stashed 100% linen-Louet, Euroflax. It was clear from the beginning; this project was "the fun stuff"...when at 10" of loooong rows, I realized tunics won't fit when the garment is twisted while knitting in the round. What demise!! No way out of that screw up (*whimper whimper*)...anyhow, that called for another tearful ripping and whining session with friends (sorry again). I like Liesl so much I will knit it...just at a later time.

Knitting is in my blood and I simply won't be out done!

With those bad memories behind me, I'm delirious with excitement as I start my Ulmus! The fiber was purchased for this shawl 2 years ago and I'm very very sure this is the project that will get my groove going again. So far so good.
See........ Ulmus is a design by Kirsten Kapur for Through the Loops. I chose Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock in the colorways, Walking on the Wild tide (2 skeins) and Tanzanite (1 skein). I am delighted with these combinations and think the multi color runs are a perfect selection. As you see, I'm early into this project, but have a feeling this process will be enjoyed and successfully completed.

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Clara said...

Love the new project. And whinning from you is not a bad thing. Because of listening to you I along with others can be stopped ahead of mistakes we could be making. I find so many projects that pattern or yarn or needles don't feel right. And then it could also be the phase of the moon. That's what the love of knitting does to us..and it makes us happy.