Friday, March 28, 2008

Fess Up Fiber Friday #14

This Friday's Fess Up Fiber Friday is delivered to you by my new knitted friend, Sidney! Have you ever seen such huge feet? They look like they belong on a duck...such cuteness! Now on to Fiber Friday information...........

Yarn Details
Brand: NORO
Yarn Name: Kureyon Sock Yarn
Color(s): S102 (pink/purple/gold)
S188 (wine/black/gray)
Content: 70% wool/30% nylon
Skein Weight 100g

Project Plans: Of course Socks

Comments: This yarn is certainly not as soft as some yarn but everyone says it softens up as you use it. My plans are to knit this toe up sock with the S102 color (my first attempt at a toe up sock), I have actually seen this pattern knit using the Noro Sock yarn in this very color and it was beautiful!!


Virtuous said...

You know you got my attention with that Noro!! ;op

I have the 188 too but yours has more black and purple in it than mine!

When do you plan to break the ball band??

Anonymous said...

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Skeinky said...

I have mixed feelings about that Noro sock yarn! I want it to be softer darnit!

Anonymous said...