Monday, September 29, 2008

Sad Fingerless Glove

From time to time, I look and admire some of my finished knits. It was during one of those times I saw my Noro Fingerless Gloves and just for fun I pulled them out of the plastic container to try on (you know it's fall and winter is just around the corner)...What the Hell...Horrors! There was a Huge Hole right at the wrist band!! Last time I played with them, they were fine. I loved those gloves! ....I'm still puzzled....

  1. Maybe a rodent chewed thru the plastic container....Not.
  2. Maybe it was a bit of voodoo....Not.
  3. Maybe Dusty thought it was a chew toy.....Not.
  4. Maybe I dropped one (or more) stitches....Probably!
I'm debating, perhaps I should knit another soul mate for the healthy glove or should I mend it (is that even possible)???
Sad Glove! Sad Me!

1 comment:

Virtuous said...

Dang! And you had them in a plastic container!

Luckily they are super easy to make!