Sunday, June 19, 2011

little bits of life through my lens

Us with our oldest IG, Jazz (better know as "The Pearl Girl")! She is the sweetest thing walking on four legs. I have been nurturing Ulmus and watching it grow. Looks like this project will not be joining my prior frogging party. Yes sir-re, cruised to the end of the slip stitched portion/body of this large sized shawl and I must add, watching the alternating variegated colors of the two different fingering weights of Sock That Rock was pure enjoyment. The pattern is not to complicated but provides enough interest to eliminate even a second of boredom.

As you can see, I'm well into the lace border of this knit. A prayer was answered as I have seen no knitting backwards on Ulmus(seems I have become quite the expert on knitting backwards lately). Here is a list I compiled to ensure successful completion of Ulmus: 1) Lifeline used at beginning of lace, 2) no wine when needles are in hand, 3) no friendly phone conversations while knitting, 4) no knitting on this one at knit night. Only me,, my knit picks chart keeper, excel row count sheet, markers and crochet hook. Total pattern/knitting focus should result in one Rocking Ulmus and one smiley faced knitter (that would be me)!

There is a push to get Ullmus off the needles so I can start these (The Christmas Tree and Salzburg Santa). They have been on my "want to knit" list for a couple of years and will be knit for The Gardener and myself.

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Madam Butterfly said...

Oh, I loved working on my Ulmus! It was so much fun. I love the pattern on the main body.
Looking forward to your finished project!