Friday, June 27, 2008

Fess Up Fiber Friday #26

PRISM - An Awesome Sweet Yarn.......... for an Awesome Sweet Shawl.
Yarn Details
Brand: Prism Custom Dyed Yarn
St. Petersburg, FL
Yarn Name Lace Wool
Color SPICE (Love, Love, Love)
Content 100% Wool
Skein Weight 3.5 oz/ 1460 yds.

Project Plans: Fiber Trends - Shoalwater Shawl

Comments: I purchased this yarn and pattern last July on a week-end trip to one of my favorite yarn shops,Yarn Paradise in Asheville, North Carolina.Jeannie and Tootie joined me on the week-end get away that I look forward to twice a year. Yarn Paradise is located in the beautiful quaint village, 6 All Souls Crescent, right outside The Biltimore House!

While shopping at 6 All Souls Crescent we stopped for tea at Chelsea's Tea Room. Chelsea's is the sweetest, most "Girlie" Tea House Ever! The Tea Room is beautiful with French and English antiques and their quintessentailly English Tea begins at 3:30.

Tootie is always the center of attention and never never misses any Fiber trip. We think she loved our selection, and did I mention how the Fabulous Peach Tea hit the spot??

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