Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2009 knitting review

2009 was the year of entrelac, shawls, summer garments, and color....lots of color!

1. Toasty, 2. One Skein Portrait Scarf, 3. Super Easy Leg Warmers, 4. Cabled Rib Wrap, 5. Sideways Grande Hat, 6. Lemana, 7. Hey, Teach!, 8. Tidal Streams, 9. Sabine, 10. Textured Shawl, 11. Susie's Reading Mitts, 12. Aspen Leaf Wrap, 13. Ishbel, 14. Autumn, 15. Lilth, 16. Pleated Wrap, 17. Maine Morning Mitts & Lady Eleanor Entrelac Scarf, 18. Sara Magic Ball Hat, 19. Selbu Modern Hat, 20. Clapotis #2, 21. Petra, 22. Clapotis #1, 23. Log Cabin, 24. Watchers

I find it hard to choose a favorite among all the 2009 knits, but remember the satisfaction of finishing my first Clapotis. I could not understand what all the hype was about with this unusual looking knit. But, curiosity took hold and I became one of the thousands to knit a Clapotis. Quickly into the process I found myself amazed and intrigued at the sheer engineering of the piece and immediately began a second one. Both Clapotis remain two of my favorite knits!

New beginnings are always exciting and hopefully the new year of 2010 will bring challenging projects that include a fair isle sweater, socks and many fun hats.


a friend to knit with said...

wow! what a mosiac that is!!!
absolutely GORGEOUS work... all in one little year.
happy new year!

Karen said...

You make such beautiful things! I think my clapotis is one of my favorite knits from last year too.