Friday, January 1, 2010

me and some catching up

Well, seems my real life has consumed my on-line and knitting life. But with the holidays over and DH's knee recuperation at about 90%, things are slowly but surely finding their way to some degree of normalcy at our house. Oh Happy Days...that means I will be knitting a-go-go again! "We all know a woman's gotta knit when a woman's gotta knit!"

Now let me catch you up on some knitting efforts. Remember how I was raging with excitement about my Log Cabin Blanket? How I was all gang buster on the blanket knitting!

That was then.

This is now. The NOW consists of major issues sewing the frickin' thing together. The blanket is so lovely and soft I think I might eat it....BUT, sewing the columns together has proven to be quite challenging! After sewing the first column up three blocks I realized my process wasn't working and another option would be necessary. OMG, what a mess! Trust me, I'm not a total perfectionist, but this will have to be addressed...too much time, too much $$ and way too much Log Cabin Love to not relick this calf!! I think I have worked out another option and will share those results with you on a later post.

The Log Cabin is now regrouping while I finish my Swirl Shawl. This shawl has been a delight to knit and I'm about to begin the final row ( my shawl is 5 rows wide). Each swirl takes close to one hour to complete...or one episode from my Season One DVD of Mad Men. I'm so hooked on that show, the early 60s, the smoke, the alcohol, the fashions and the quirkiness of the characters! I already look forward to viewing season two and wouldn't Season Two be nice to carry me thru this project and to the blocking board! Yes, there was a little Holiday knitting at my house this year; hence, Toasty! These fingerless gloves were knit especially for friends Laurie and Pam. Hopefully, they enjoy wearing them only half as much as I loved knitting them! Toasties are Great!

Happy New Year Friends!!

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