Sunday, January 10, 2010

seeing red

This red knitting bag is from Namaste and it's huge.It's so huge I could fit Dusty into it, all though Dusty's not a purse sort of guy...I mean dog! As a owner of 3 other Namaste knitting bags I think my opinion qualifies as worth while; with that said, I believe this to be the nicest Namaste bag ever. It is roomy with tons of pouches, zippers and sports most usable 10.5"shoulder or handheld handles. I really like how it never slouches but stands up on it's own. Did I mention how "smoking hot" this bag is in "Red"?

And the red doesn't stop with a bag.....with Christmas $$ I purchased a set of Hiya Hiya Interchangeable Circular Needles in a lovely oriental brocade case. The interchangeable needles feature keyless screw-on connections and swivel cables with 7 sets of tips in sizes US 2 through 8. Four cables are included to make 16", 24", 32" and 40" needles.

Seriously, it is taking all my will power to finish a Swirly Thingy before starting a new project using my precious Hiya Hiya needles! Good things come to those that wait.

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Chris said...

Love your new red bag and needles! I received addi clicks and an Off Hand bag, which I first learned about on your blog, thank you very much! Happy New Year!I know from my daughter it's not too warm down there in Winston Salem.