Friday, August 31, 2007

Two Women on a Winding Mission

Jeannie (my lovely knitting buddy) and I broke in my new winder...what a Hoot! We laughed uncontrollably as we set up the winder and swift without written instructions! Once we thought we had the sophisticated equipment ready to go, we proceeded to wind our first skein. The situation then went from pitiful to pathetic, in case you don't believe me just look at our first ball! Jeannie's beautiful Vesper yarn is actually held together with a rubber least we are a creative team!

We were clearly two women on "A Mission" and the day was certainly not a waste. Check out the skeins we wound....and these are just from my stash! Oh yeah, we did rewind Jeannie's Vesper yarn and chucked the rubber band.

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Elke said...

Too funny!

I've actually heard that it is best to wind your yarn twice, especially if you're not going to knit from it immediately. The first time there is still a lot of tension in the yarn that can cause stretching, so just wind it from the first ball into another ball. There will be a visible difference in the size of the cakes!