Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Who Loves Chenille??

I love Chenille....especially when it's Chenille upholstery fabric and a Carpet Knitting Bag from Green Mountain Knitting Bags! I received this bag in July and it is my very Favorite Knitting Bag. The Chenille is delicious in shades of sage, grass, dusty rose, mauve, soft gold and burgundy and the lining is a striking coordinating mauve colored stripe with four fully lined pockets for those little trinkets that every gal must have! The Cherry handles are gorgeous. Martha does a fabulous job with her bags and the construction is super.

If you have not seen her bags you can and should check it out here. I continue to watch Martha's site and once I see a sweater bag that speaks to me with a more contemporary fabric...the order will be placed and I will possess another Green Mountain Bag.

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Sassy Knitter said...

Love the new pics! It still does not show the true beauty of that bag! You have to see it and feel it to have the full appreciation!! 5 DAYS!!!!!!!!