Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Early Birthday to Me

Today I received my ""Early"" Birthday Present (from me to me).....Hanne Falkenberg Ballerina Swinger Jacket.

I ordered this kit from Cucumberpatch on Ebay and am totally amazed that I received it in 6 days from date of order! Now keep in mind, my kit was shipped from the UK. This Ebay seller had excellent feedback and not only offered excellent pricing on many Hanne Falkenberg kits, but Cucumberpatch also sells many different yarn lines.

This project will possibly be the most challenging project for me yet! After a quick glance at the pattern I realize knitting (all in garter stitch) the garment will not be the issue...the issue will be reading the dang pattern. I will be joining the Hanne Falkenberg KAL over the Thanksgiving Holiday and will pray for some guidance from other KAL members.

The yarn is fabulous and I chose the Khaki and Ivory variation. The Khaki tends to lean more on the green side and the richness of the Khaki and Ivory combination is beautiful.

Yea, this one will test my patience, but in the end I'm sure it will be a cherished jacket for me. I so love a challenge!

Hope you all have a Wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!


Elke said...

Those colors are lovely - is the yarn nice and soft? I can't wait to see your progress!

Sassy Knitter said...

OOOH!! I see I see! You have been eyeing it for a while! I guess this will be done this weekend!

I know it will be beautiful when done!

Gina said...

You can do it!!!!!

a friend to knit with said...

you are SO going to love that sweater! yes, it is a challenge, but so so fun! enjoy!