Sunday, April 6, 2008

You know what they say......

.....Time flys when you're having fun and my goodness have I been having tons of fun lately! I have more projects on sticks than is the normal for me. If I have more than two knits going at a time, I get Antzee and feel so overwhelmed. Could it be that most of my projects of late have been small and the finish line is always close??? In any case, what fun speeding thru knit after knit!

First is my first real Fair Isle knit, The Siena Hat. The pattern may be purchased from KnitWhits. My hat was huge on my little pea head, but I found I love it as pictured below and will certainly wear this over and over again.
Another positive about Siena is the classic cotton yarn and if you live in the Carolinas like I do, the cotton will allow you to enjoy it more often than wool. What a fabulous baby hat too!!

Finished hat off my Little Pea Head.

Check out my First Fair Isle Wrong Side (I will not expose the side the tails were worked in...UGL)! A little word to the wise. do not and I repeat DO NOT wait till the end of the project to work in those long tails. It took me f o r e v e r to work all that yarn in. Because this hat was knit in cotton and tails have a tendency to work themselves out with cotton, I left the tails extra long. As my Buddy Jeannie would say.......Oh Brother! Second, is my Spiral Petal Shawl by Oat Couture. Knitted in Lamb's Pride (Bulky) this will be finished before I know it. I'm close to half finished and have only worked on it a few days. I read positive and negative reviews on this piece, there were some negatives regarding the directions (so far no problem for me in this area...well maybe I have had way too much fun knitting the pattern) and some folks menitioned sizing issues????

The Mohair in this Lamb's Pride is lovely and once I rinse it in Soak for blocking, it will be ever so soft and glowie (wonder if that is a word) with Mohair.

And third, is my Chevron scarf! No updated pics to share with you on this one, but the project is 50% complete. Chevron is an extra project to take to knit nights. I can listen to all the interesting conversations around me, eat M&Ms, laugh and look at other knitters latest projects while working on the scarf.


Skeinky said...

Hat well done!

Dieta said...

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a friend to knit with said...

wow. that hat is fabulous!!!