Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Monogamous Knitter

Yeah, that's what I USE to be!

I wonder what happened to my faithfulness to a project? What happened to the fidelity? Where is the Knitting Diva that immersed herself in one knit at a time? In the old days, I liked how that one special project captured my imagination, how the fiber of a project attached itself to my fingers like Velcro! I was definitely a one project at a time gal.

Now I constantly toy with the idea of starting a Fair Isle hat OR a Fair Isle sweater OR maybe those socks I day dreamed about for months and what about one of the many shawls in my queue. While being drawn to the latest knitting book or magazine, I discover a gorgeous sweater calling my name! In all fairness to myself, I certainly don't start everything (I Love); but, let's just say I do purchase many yarns and patterns for numerous future projects.

My issues with fidelity are not usually from boredom or the difficulty of a project...No's the thrill, that kindle of emotions, the simple HIGH from starting the perfect knit.

With all that said, these days it is the norm for me to have three or four projects active at a time.

So..... I'm not a Monogamous Knitter, I'm happy and more addicted to knitting than ever!

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Auntie Pudentaine said...

It is my secret shame in many ways....all the UFO's I have lying around. I keep promising myself to finish something, but for some reason I keep casting on!