Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Water's Edge

It was quite exciting this morning when the temperature took a dive and I could wear my new Water's Edge.  I really thought it would have to wait for it's debut till late next fall. 
The Gardener did a little photo shoot this morning just up the street from our house on the grounds of the yummy restaruant, Nobles.  
The good news is::how fabulous this pattern is when knit with the lovely Rowan Kidsilk Aura, the bad news is::this fiber has been discontinued.
 If you are really interested in the Aura you may still find it on line...just work "The Google"
Lucky me....I have 11 skeins of the sweet Aura in my stash in Sapphire Blue!! AND it just may be another Water's Edge!
So soft. So cozy. So Loved!

The scoop:
Pattern:         Water's Edge
Designer:      Hannah Fettig
Publication:    Coastal Knits
Fiber:             Rowan Aura
Amount:        11 skeins
Size:               34
Needle:          #7
Up next is my second Color Affection and I have already started the second color set.  This thing in pink and browns is racing off my needles.
Hugs and Purls!

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