Sunday, May 27, 2012

lots of satisfaction

Goodness Gracious!

I think I may have a new favorite shawl (or it has at least moved toward the top). I L O V E this one!

 Kind of Nautical. Kind of Preppy. Kind of Classic. Kind of Sophisticated. Just my Kind of Shawl!

 A Special Thanks to my lovely knitting friend, Natalie, for her guidance thru out this project.  She suggested I use the Lucy Neatby provisional cast on and she took time to walk me thru the attached i-cord and i-cord cast off process.  The i-cord cast off makes for a wonderful finished edging.  This is a very slow process, but is a million times worth the time investment.  Again, Thank you Natalie, you are a constant source of inspiration! 

 The Isager Wool Fiber was a perfect selection for this project (truthfully I can't wait for my next Isager project)! After a nice cool bath, this earthly yarn is now an airy, light, soft and elegant fiber. Again...I L O V E it!

With lots of knitting on #3 needles and learning two new knitting techniques, finishing my Volt left me with a real sense of accomplishment and GOSH, more satisfaction than I had imagined. 

Hugs & Purls!


Twisted Knitter said...

You are definitely entitled to be proud! It's gorgeous! It's very *YOU*

Catherine said...

Your volt is beautiful! I stand amazed once again! I am blessed to know you and to share your beautiful works of art. Keep up the great work.

Your pictures are wonderful.

Much love,

Mr. Puffy said...

I love this!!! It looks fantastic on you :)

windshield replacement pinedale said...

That made you 20 years younger. Pretty!